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Hot Legs at Night

For those of you who have trouble sleeping because you have hot feet at night you may not know why. The most basic cause and any heat that mimics the body is from inflammation. But what you're asking now is what causes inflammation. To help you with the burning sensation in your feet, read above for two helpful tips that have helped me a lot.

Growing up I had symptoms of having hot feet at night and the burning sensation often kept me awake for hours. I know from my own research that it is most likely due to inflammation. However, it wasn't until college that Professor of Health Ecology informed me that more than 70% of all Americans deal with Candida Infectious Disease that I began to get a better idea of ​​what was going on in my body. I have dealt with yeast and Candida all my life and would like to share the information I have collected over the years with you! I know how awful and taxing that hot feet can be at night so here are some tips on how to solve this problem.

Tip # 1: I know you're tired from lack of sleep, trust me I know! The only true way to kill Candida is to take some time, the time it takes for your body to heal itself. For a quick night and a good night's sleep, take it to Aleve or Motrin (any anti-inflammatory on the counter pill) and place a cool damp cloth on each foot. It works; I've done it many times!

Tip # 2: Now that we've got a good night's sleep under your belt, we're talking about long-term treatments to calm them down at night. We know the problem is yeast infection and Candida supplementation so how do we kill this microorganism? The fastest and most effective way to do this is to cut off the bacterial food supply. In short, yeast organisms eat simple sugars that you eat in the form of soda, candy, starch, bread, pasta and any simple or complex carbohydrates. When the yeast colony receives enough nutrients through your diet, it develops into full candida and you start to have hot feet at night.

Tip # 3: The cause of Candida is always worse at night in relation to hormone release interactions during your sleep cycle. To kill Candida, you must put yourself in a state of ketosis for at least 3 days straight. When your body goes into ketosis, you use fatty acids as fuel instead of regular carbohydrates. This will eliminate the source of fuel to Candida and kill it. To put yourself in ketosis, you must limit your diet to 30 carbohydrates daily and no more than 5 at a time (so, many snacks). Eat lots of vegetables, meat, fish and some cheese. Done correctly, it will take one and a half days to put you in a state of ketosis.

Tip # 4: Remember to drink plenty of water! By drinking about one gallon of water daily, you will help with the elimination of yeast colonies. Water is a universal solvent and taking enough of it will be absolutely essential to get rid of all the yeast in your body.


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