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Visceral Belly Fat - The Abdominal Fat That Can Kill You!

Stomach fat, or viser fat is the most dangerous fat in your body!

My jaw dropped several times during my research on menopausal belly fat - no kidding!

It is the fat that lies behind your abdominal wall and also the padding that surrounds your internal organs. Described as "a strict passage through the heart and other vital organs", that is exactly where the health hazards of carrying this excess fat begin.

Some of us keep the fat higher in the rib cage, and others keep it lower in the stomach, but no matter where it is, the belly fat doesn't just sit there and do nothing.

Heck, no. It's busy ... it's active ... it causes havoc in your body and can eventually do some significant damage to your health!

Want to know what visceral fat is busy doing?

Interestingly, it takes on its own life and almost functions as a separate entity or organ, releasing some bad things into your body that, if left to your own devices, can and will endanger your health.

For example, it produces free fatty acids that affect your ability to break down insulin.

Memorize diabetes!

Too much insulin in your body eventually leads to diabetes.

Oh, and not all your belly fat is busy ...

Speak with obesity, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke too!

Abdominal fat absorbs cortisol, known as stress hormone. High levels of cortisol are also associated with diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

It also secretes ingredients that increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke.

I agree that abdominal fat is a silent killer - the cause behind many of the common health problems our society faces today.

It's easy to get around and makes your home within easy reach of your heart, liver, and other organs - giving them poison, suppressing them, and generally disturbing your organs. the ability to do their job efficiently and take care of your health.

Want to affect how many fat cells you have?

North American average - are you ready for this? - about 30 billion fat cells!

Fat cells form an army. They grow and then they divide!

When you smell greasy foods, fried foods, sweet empty calorie snacks, and so on, you feed the hungry fat cells. They get fat and fat and grow - up to 1,000 times their original size.

As they grow to their full capacity, they begin to divide, creating more fat cells that once again grow and divide ... and the vicious cycle continues.

As your army of fat cells grows, develops and divides as your stomach grows and develops, one fat cell at a time.

Fat cells have a no return policy

Once you have a fat cell, Don't get caught with it. So, when you get fat and double the amount of fat cells in your body, it will also be twice as hard to eliminate lipids. in every cell.

Fat cells contain lipids. Lipids are a sticky and oily substance that is responsible for moisturizing your arteries.

Bottom line, the more fat (visceral fat) you bring with you, the higher your risk factor. This list sounds like a horror novel, but it gives you a good indication of the damage visceral fat can do to your body if you don't take action.

According to David Zinczenko, author of The Abs Diet For Women, overweight people are:

590% more likely to develop esophageal cancer 360% more likely to develop urine 120% more likely to develop 90% stomach cancer more likely to build gall bladder 70% more likely to develop high blood pressure 50% more likely to develop heart disease 50% more likely to have total cholesterol above 250 20% more likely to have asthma 14% less attractive to opposite sex Maybe spend over 37% a year in pharmacy May stay 19% longer in hospital

It's true, right?


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