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Massage Therapy - What's in it For You?

Getting headaches from stress? It may be that some of the muscles in your neck or shoulders require good stretching and some massages. Massage is great for poor muscles that do a lot of work during the day.

What are the benefits of getting a massage? It helps with chronic pain, circulatory problems, joint problems, anxiety, depression, muscle cramps. There are also reports from people that it reduces anxiety and fatigue, improves sleep quality, improves concentration, and improves circulation. Customers have acquired a sense of perspective and clarity. Research also shows that people with arthritis suffer less pain and pain and less stiffness. Asthma sufferers have improved lung function and increased peak airflow, burn injury patients reported reduced pain, itching and anxiety, premenstrual syndrome sufferers from reduced water retention and cramps and increased baby weight pre-improved.

Massage therapy is very important in helping us cope with stress from our busy lives. And what we've learned about the stress hormone, cortisol, released by the body in the "fight or flight" stage, is that we're not doing anything. Most of the time we are not in a situation where either reaction is used but hormones are still present, ... and what happens? We started building belly fat. Because we are not running or struggling, our bodies do not return to "normal." Therefore, chronic stress has always been our condition, which has made it impossible to reach relaxation. We ruin ourselves without knowing it. But ... massage therapy is a great way to help us get that relaxation response. And people of the "sandwich" generation, to not be under chronic stress are important. (Upcoming articles on this subject).

There are various types of massages which I have listed below: (I Am Pregnant, Hot Stone, Swedish, Deep tissue, Aromatherapy, Indian Indian Massage & Indian Foot & Foot Massage)

Hot Stone (to be explained in another article)

Pregnant massage & baby massage

Deep tissue





Indian Head & Indian Head & Foot Massage

Even though we are living in these difficult economic times, massage therapy should not be something to off the list. It's part of your health care program. Do not let the massage session be on the income list as you would for a movie or buy the latest tools you don't need. And as always, if you are looking for an accredited professional massage therapist, check with the American Massage Therapy Association, or if you live in Florida, you can also check with the Florida Massage Therapy Association, of which I am a member. If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you can make an appointment with me!


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