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Understanding Your Body Type and Body Shape for Effective Weight Loss and Fitness

We often wonder why some people lose weight so quickly when we have a hard time. Sometimes we also struggle to understand how and why some people do not need to do anything for a good body, or simply to look graceful no matter what they wear. Well, it's time to know for yourself and know what action you can take to get your body looking great for you.

The truth behind our differences was discovered by psychologist Dr William H Sheldon during the 1940s. After many years of study, he concludes that we all inherit one of three basic human bodies. He identifies body types such as:

1) Endomorph: this person has a soft build. They gain muscle and fat easily, but they have trouble losing weight

2) Ectomorph: this person has a delicate formation. They do not gain muscle easily and they also have trouble gaining weight

3) Mesomorph: This person has a strong / muscular build. They gain muscle and fat quickly but also lose weight easily

Biologically, women are more likely to have curvaceous body shape because of the female hormone (estrogen) level in their body, which promotes fat storage. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to have tedious build up due to high levels of male hormone (testosterone), which promotes muscle growth.

However, our body shape still varies. This is because of the food we eat and the physical activity we are involved in, or are not involved in.

There are at least four common body types and each provides its own benefits and risk factors that must be taken into account for effective weight loss and fitness, namely:

1) Apple: has larger chest and abdomen with narrow hips and thighs. They may be endomorphs or mesomorphs.

Men and women of apple-shaped body are usually round, but when the muscles have the appearance of an inverted triangle (such as inverted). Apples gain body fat easily, but for men this is balanced by the presence of high testosterone, which aids metabolism.

Health studies show that men and women with apples may be more prone to cardiovascular disease and metabolic disorders such as diabetes. This is due to increased pressure on the heart and digestive system.

Optional fitness regime for apple body shape involves longer work for the chest and waist. Seating, push-ups, stairs are simple and effective exercises for Apple.

Other recommended exercises include tennis, team sports, running, cycling or swimming for at least 40 minutes, 3-4 times a week. Pilates is also recommended to help lift the waist.

2) Pear: has narrow chest and waist with wider hips and larger buttocks. They are mostly mesomorphs.

Pear has a vase-like shape, which in some cultures is associated with fertility. Pear tends to gain and lose weight easily, mostly on the hip.

Wisely, Pears is said to be less prone to cardiovascular disease and diabetes, as most of their body fat is stored in the thighs and buttocks. However, this is not a reason to avoid cardio hard work.

Most Pear's tendency is to aggressively work their thighs and buttocks to burn fat. This, in fact, only increases the size of the muscles that make the thighs and buttocks look bigger. Fitness experts recommend cardio exercise, racket sports, foot lifts, low resistance cycling, as the best way to balance and balance both upper and lower body.

3) Hourglass: has a large chest and a wide waist with a narrow waist. They may be either endomorphs or even mesomorphs.

Hourglass has a magnificent body shape, commonly regarded as a classic woman. They gain weight easily and some (not all) of them have trouble losing it.

As more fat is stored in the upper (chest) and lower body (hips), glasses may be less prone to metabolic disorders as they become more susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

For fitness, endurance cardio exercises are highly recommended (e.g. walking, lightweight cycling, swimming, team sports) 3-4 times a week. In addition, pilates and back exercises, are good for maintaining a stable body and slim waist.

4) Banana: has a slight variation between the size of the chest, waist and hips. They are usually ectomorphs.

Banana form is sometimes called King. This body shape easily loses weight and struggles to build muscle.

Bananas do not gain weight easily, but when they do, they tend to be around the belly (waist) and buttocks. Overweight around the waist is said to increase the risk of metabolic disorders.

Recommended fitness exercises are intended to help build muscle. They include, pilates, walking, sharp jogging, push-ups, sit-ups, squats and bench presses


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