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3 Ways To Amplify The Size Gains You Get From Natural Penis Exercises - I Went From 5.5" To Hung!

I use natural penis enlargement exercises to increase my penis size, both length and circumference, without using any harmful or ineffective gimmicks like pumps, pills, hangers, extenders, or creams. Using a routine that takes about 10 minutes daily, three to four days a week, I use a series of exercises that are part of my penis structured program with just my hands. I saw an increase in size in the first week, along with an increase in erection quality, libido, and stamina. All this from just "exercising" - just like the way you build your body in the gym, it only takes an hour and a half or two hours a day, it doesn't take 15 minutes even if you factor in the heating.

Exercise penis alone is the best way to make your penis bigger without risk, without jeopardizing your health, and without wasting any money on the pill every month. You need nothing but natural training to get a bigger penis. With that said, there are some natural things you can do to strengthen the benefits you gain from training. These are the three most important things in my opinion.

1. If you smoke, stop it! Not only does it shorten your life and make your breath smell bad, but it's bad for your sexual performance, as well as your penis size. Smoking reduces your stamina in bed in the same way it reduces your stamina at a basketball court or track. As far as your size is concerned, smoking is one of the major factors that can hinder profit. The reason is that the solution in the cigarette blocks blood vessels and reduces blood flow, which means your erections will be smaller and weaker than if you did not smoke at all.

2. Eat clean foods! Cut fast food as well as processed foods and microwave foods. Not only does it have a lot of arterial clogged fat, but processed junk like what you find in the frozen section contains phyto-estrogens that can rob your body of the essential testosterone you need for a healthy sex drive. This diet is not good fuel for your body, and for someone like me who regularly organizes penis enlargement along with full work schedules and gym schedules, I need good fuel to give me energy.

3. Make sure you take plenty of zinc. Ironically, this is the only nutrient found in most penis enlargement pills that I think really helps when you are trying to grow your penis. The good news is that you don't have to buy expensive pills to get the zinc you need. Just go to your local health food store, or even to an online health food store, and buy some cheap zinc that should cost about five dollars for 100 tablets. I prefer to take it at night before bed because I find it really improves the strength of my night erection. Zinc is a very important mineral for sexual health, and if you have sex or masturbate a lot, you actually lose zinc in your semen! Therefore, it is a good idea to take supplements to replace it.

By using the natural penis enlargement exercises and making the lifestyle changes mentioned above, I am able to increase my penis size quickly and most importantly, permanently. I go from 5.5 inches long and less than 5 inches to over 8 inches long and exactly 6 inches around!


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