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The Real Threat of BMI or Body Mass Index

We all like to be able to tell, how are we doing in the middle of training for six months.

Most doctors, state medical boards, CDCs, and now the American Medical Association consider BMI or the Body Mass Index as the sixth most important indicator.

How Does Body Mass Calculate? BMI is calculated as:

BMI = (Weight in Pounds / Height in inches ^ 2) x 703

Other methods include calipers (skin folding measurements), water weight, bioelectric impedance, and computerized topography. According to the CDC this is "very expensive". Currently skin caliper or fat caliper is $ 3 (yes, three dollars) online. Donuts with a simple cup of coffee are more expensive in a cheap donut chain.

Is the Body Mass Index really the best way to check for obesity?

Not at all! According to the NFL, American footballers average 6 & # 39; 1 "and weigh 245 pounds. That would make them have a BMI 32.32. This makes them fat and even with extra waist information, it puts them in a high risk group.

The Body Mass Index is also dangerous on the other side of the average "bell curve". When men stop working, and loose breasts, and leg muscles, develop potbelly, they can have normal or proportionate BMI, but it is clear from visual examination that they are obese.

Where are we going with all this?

Take a look at some life insurance companies. The insurance company does not see you. They look at the actuarial tables, and the statistical data they collect from your doctor. If your doctor puts your height at 5 & 11 "and 240 # s. You are marked as obese, it is irrelevant that your actual body fat percentage is at or below 10%.

Take a look at some doctors who give you medicine. When was the last time you spent an entire hour with your doctor during a visit? It is the resident or the trainer, both of whom are trying to learn from you, who put that information into the chart. Chances are they mark you fat because "the book says so" is No. far.

Take a look at how many people use their own medications for various dietary supplements, supplements and dietary supplements. They look at the Body Mass Index. According to the British Medical Association, there is an increase in anorexia and bulimia.

The most accurate measurement of body fat is in underwater tanks or DEXA x-ray tests. Since most people can't afford the service on a daily basis, the next best solution is a household fat composition that measures the size of the bathroom.

Stop rejecting BMI, and replaced it with a more realistic method of measurement.


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