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Fitness Fix - True Or False

Every fitness site on the World Wide-Web claims to know what it really takes to get in shape and stay fit. The question is. do they really? I'm sorry. but this is the only question that can be answered. There are endless products on the market that promise us a perfect dream number, no exercise or diet, but this could be true! Doesn't it sound a bit unrealistic?

This should be hard to trust for anyone with a little sense. But people tend to be absurd when driven by the need to get that perfect body shape; Desperate to lose those extra calories is in such a way that every loser goes out the window. We are ready to cook the dough as long as the product promises a miraculous weight loss.

In a report published by the FEDERAL TRADE TRADE STATEMENT (September 2002), it stated that "Data shows that at one time, nearly 70 million US citizens were trying to lose weight or prevent weight gain. 35 billion products they were told would help them achieve such goals - videos, tapes, books, medicine, foods for special dietary purposes, supplements, medical treatments, and other related goods and services. "

In 2010 - most people are aware of the fact that the only thing that really works is a lifestyle change that ensures a balanced diet, which means that we need to burn more calories regularly. No one really does it in the long run. But even so, we steal from reality and look for the next miracle product.

No Pain, No Profit

True, the market is flooded with advertising deceptive products that guarantee rapid weight loss; The public is bombarded with fake advertising every step of the way, claiming unrealistic results with an unreliable product - but we are constantly falling for them one by one!

This is 2010! And we've seen it all and probably tried it all by now. But we're ready to be fooled by the next miracle product. If we are honest with ourselves, it becomes clear that we want everything without much effort!

Therefore, we are not deceived minds as we are not expected to do anything different than what we are already doing - eating rich food and not moving enough, at all! So, who cares if the pills they want us to pop, are not tested and may have terrible side effects, as long as we are not required to eat less and move on, we have no problem with pills.

So where does this leave us?

Hard reality

No matter how much we want to bury our heads in the sand and escape reality, realty has not changed. The bottom line is that we need to eat reasonably and exercise regularly to lose excess fat and maintain weight.

In order to take the easy way out, we are just trying to lose weight for failure, so why not face the truth and come up with a realistic plan for losing weight and staying fit. There are some genuine fitness experts and dieters out there who can guide us and make plans that suit us. With proper dietary control - no hunger pangs - and exercise routines tailored to each one of us, we can achieve our dream of being fit and exciting.

This truth will not happen overnight, and we will not be thin; but over time we will burn fat, build muscle and become beautiful. And if we stick to the routine, monitored by real fitness instructors and dietitians, who know, it might be a slim rest!


BASIC-based ADVERTISING: Current Trends Analysis - Federal Trade Commission Officers Report (September 2002), Authors: Richard L. Cleland, Walter C. Gross, Laura D. Koss, Matthew Daynard & Karen M. Muoio


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