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The Hidden Truth Regarding Cardio

In traditional civilizations like ours, countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and other European countries, what is the first thing that someone thinks or tells you as soon as the notion of weight loss is mentioned? You need to hit the treadmill, stationary bike or even the pavement to burn calories!

At first glance, this would make sense, right? In fact, you pull a lot of work and you breathe heavy and sweat. Of course jogging a few miles a day after a day has eliminated unwanted pounds like crazy, right? Are you surprised to find out that this is actually wrong? No, I'm not stupid. Let me present it for you. Yes, cardio training doesn't burn fat, it's factual. Yes, a great card for you. Mild cardio produces a healthy heart while increasing your stamina.

On the flip side, heavy cardio training basically starts to have the opposite effect. Before jumping into why, let me offer you a simple but logical illustration. Visualize prehistoric individuals. These women and men rush around the Paleolithic planets that run deer, antelope, bison and sometimes a giant monster. Most of their diets are derived from protein from animals and non-toxic plants that can be digested.

Well, if cardio exercise is particularly beneficial for weight loss, these individuals may starve to death while chasing food. All cardio will burn their energy supply faster than they can. However, they do not starve and are destroyed, why?

For starters, large amounts of heavy cardio are very difficult on your feet and knees. Second, it's also hard to remember. Excessive cardio training is basically starting to add scar tissue to your heart and improve your cardiac arrest rate. We didn't know this for a while so many clinical trials were conducted.

When it comes to losing weight, extreme cardio really has the opposite effect and this is how it came about. The human body is genetically engineered to survive. Our body's job is to save energy as fuel for both immediate use and then through fat when food is restricted. Nowadays, food is not always difficult to find which means that this element of safety is rarely needed. However, once you deprive your system of the essential vitamins you need by starving yourself on a wild diet or by mobilizing your body through tons of cardio, it will begin to move into survival mode.

Furthermore, with the awareness of weight loss cardio exercises also become anabolic. In other words it starts burning the most efficient energy source first and that is your muscle and not fat. Pay attention to some competing long distance runners. Most of them look very thin and need to pack carbohydrates just to maintain their muscle mass.

You need your body fat burning instead of clear muscle. It's not really all about calories like a lot of diets and what a fitness teacher wants to make you think. Calories are just one way of calculating energy consumption. Yes, if you want to lose weight, you need to consume less calories than you eat. However, there is more to it than that. The most important secret to losing weight is not walking 5 miles daily, getting rid of food or even avoiding some of your carbohydrates. In fact, if you plan to lose weight correctly, it's important that you eat some of your favorite things!

I understand this is crazy but it's really factual and I can prove it to you! If you know how to use your natural solution to your benefit, then you might be able to shed 5, 10 or 30 pounds in just one month without starving yourself, extreme cardio training, mindless exercise and eating nothing. fun! This is true and I can show you the science that confirms this!


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