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The Best Way To Lose Weight - Diet Or Exercise

There is much debate going on among weight loss experts which is the best way to lose weight or diet? How about you? What do you think? Many of you will probably say 'diet'. because "we are what we eat" but many may think that it is 'exercise'. for the simple fact that you need to burn the calories you enter. in weight loss.


# If you choose a good diet plan, eliminate high calorie and fatty foods without changing much of your lifestyle, you will lose weight.

# If you eat smaller but more frequent portions, you will also lose weight.

# If you include more high-fiber foods, little or no food in processed foods in your daily diet, you will still lose weight.

# If you eat less than you normally do, you will lose weight

# Taking lots of water will help you lose weight too.

# You can diet comfortably in your own home.

# It can be difficult to control your diet and you are returning to unhealthy eating habits.

# If you only eat and lose significant weight, your skin will be loose and saggy.

# If you try to diet too hard, it may have serious consequences like anorexia or bulimia.


#If you keep eating what you want and when you want but you exercise, you burn more calories than you eat, you will lose weight.

#Exercise makes you sleep better at night. While sleep plays a part in your body's metabolism, this is a supplement to exercise.

#If you are inconsistent with your training, your weight may not be important.

# If you do high intensity exercise, you may injure yourself. Excessive training can also lead to fatigue and decreased motivation.

# You need to set aside time to go to the gym. Even if you exercise at home, you need some time which can be a problem for some busy people.


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