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Terrell Owens Diet -Top 4 Tips to Get Six Pack Abs With the Terrell Owens Diet

Is there any secret to the Terrell Owens Diet?

One look at Terrell Owens's six packs and you know that not only does this guy know how to exercise, but he knows how to diet too!

The Terrell Owens Diet was developed after years of nutrition education at the hands of T.O.'s personal trainer, Buddy Primm.

During football season, for example, breakfast consists of 10 egg whites and a bowl of oats. During the off season, breakfast is rotisserie chicken, black beans and rice.

The Terrell Owens diet consists of 4 to 5 servings a day. This has the effect of accelerating your metabolism and no doubt if you look at six packs of abs you know that this method works.

She tries to stay away from junk food all year long, though she enjoys M & Ms and Pringles occasionally. He also avoids sodas and other bad sugars.

In his latest book, Terrell Owens provides a complete breakdown of the diet and proper exercise plan. It is not surprising then that the Terrell Owens training program consists largely of band resistance exercises.

Resistance band training has been at the core of her training for the past few years.

Terrell Owens must be disciplined when it comes to his diet, one of his favorite places to eat is the Boston market. She eats healthy all the time and believes that she has to pamper her body to get the most out of it.

Among his friends, the Terrell Owens diet is a constant source of entertainment. You will often find that he eats salmon and asparagus and sometimes he changes it ... instead of salmon and spinach.

Here are all the basics of the Terrell Owens diet:

1. Eat 4 to 5 times a day, smaller meals can increase your metabolic rate.

2. Do two days a week, 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise.

3. Eat lean meats like chicken and fish

4. No carbohydrates after 6pm

Follow these simple tips and you'll soon have six packs of abs like Terrell Owens.


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