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Magic Potion For 6 Pack Abs

You hear everywhere, especially in the gym, the latest magic method to get 6 pack abs. They come in a variety of diets, training regimes, and personal trainer secrets. Some of these methods are a great way to get 6 packs of ads, others are pure hype. If you are really going to get six packs of abs, however, you must learn to separate the wheat from the chafe, so to speak, or you will not achieve your goal.

Let us separate the truth from fiction and hype. The point is that your diet is an essential component of getting six packs of abs. One of the most true spells in the fitness business is 'abs made in the kitchen'. If you don't eat 'abs food', your stomach won't lie!

So, you ask, what should I cook in my abs kitchen?

Well to begin with, there is no secret that protein is king. Protein not only provides the basic building blocks you need to build muscle, but it satisfies hunger better than eating carbohydrates. King proteins are more expensive than any of the extra macronutrients described, which means the body will burn more calories in protein than carbohydrates and fat.

The next point is that you don't have to avoid dietary fat that comes from single and unsaturated fats like olive oil, fish oil or various nuts, peanut butter (ideally you make yourself at the health food store directly from peanuts land) or my favorite; avocado. It's a true fact that eating fat will build calories fast, but if you maintain it between 20-30% it can also be one of the best ways to achieve 6 pack abs quickly. This is the key that helps dietary fat to keep your insulin at a stable point, because if it is too high it can cause your own fat gain.

It is important to note that dietary fats make you feel hungry for longer than both protein and carbohydrates will. It is interesting that some high fat diets will cause six packs of abs quickly as your body, as a good student, will learn to metabolize fat for energy. It is important to note, but make sure you include some dietary fat in your diet. Always remember that when it comes to drinking carbohydrates and getting six packs of abs, you definitely want to take part after your workout. The reason is that this is when your body really needs a lot of carbohydrates and thus absorbs it into your muscle tissue the fastest. This is the most unlikely time that carbohydrates will turn into body fat.

When you consume carbohydrates after your workout, it helps in the repair and recovery of your muscle tissue which means you can get back to the gym faster.

Since we know you want six packs of abs as quickly as possible, be sure to include each one to two cups of fresh raw vegetables that can help regulate insulin levels, speed up the absorption of protein and cover your body with vitamins, minerals, natural fiber and critical antioxidants.

The point here men and women is that if your ultimate goal is to reach 6 pack abs in the coming months, you need to pay close attention to your diet. This is the magic element that you cannot deny if you are going to be the winner in your quest!


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