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Sexuality Tests, Surveys, and Quizzes

When you browse the internet for information on sex, you may want to try your hand at one of the many sexuality tests available.

A variety of sexuality tests are available to test your knowledge on many different topics. Some of these topics test the general knowledge of sexuality, as well as allow website visitors to test, examine and explore their own sexuality.

Below you will find many websites featuring various tests, quizzes, and surveys:

· When you visit the Sex Quiz Site at [], you will find a collection of sexuality tests collected from across the Internet.

The list of links includes sexuality tests, such as 100 questions testing your chastity, which is a very popular type of sexuality test.

Other tests deal with lesbianism, sexual orientation, foreplay levels, and sexual color personality tests.

This test is free and intended for entertaining. Know that this site is not for those who find fault in every little thing.

· The Corporate website,, provides an attractive sexuality test by asking a few questions that involve your hand analysis.

Questions are asked about things like the shape of your fingertips, the flexibility of the thumb, and what is the height of your palm.

This test uses the theory of palm reading that provides information on one's sex appeal.

· Sexual purity tests are very popular on the Web, offering a variety of options in different categories.

The Definitive Purity Test, available at - described as & # 39; pure purity & # 39; & # 148; test. Not only will you receive scores for yourself, but you will also be able to compare your answers with everyone else who has taken the test.

Sample questions on this site include: & # 147; have you ever had a date, for & # 147; have you ever lied about your sexual preferences to avoid dates? & # 148;

· Gender Purity Test describes some of the most common gender questions. This can be found at

· When you visit the website [], you will be able to take a sexual ability test, and participate in a global sex survey.

This is an opportunity to discover some of the most popular and not so popular attitudes to sex, including dating and relationships.

The results of this test and survey are based on gender, age, location, and marital status.

Some sexuality tests on the Internet do not test you for your sexual potential, but help individuals make important decisions in their life.

There are sexuality tests that test whether a teenager is ready to have sex for the first time.

Some sexuality tests also test someone's knowledge of STD & # 146; s and other sexual health barriers that young adults face.

There are also sexuality tests that will determine the chances of pregnant women by identifying the characteristics and behaviors that make them low or high risk.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the types of tests, surveys, and quizzes available on sexuality.


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