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Rhimba's Get A Flat Belly Exercise Review - Does It Work?

Rhimba dance training DVDs have become increasingly popular in recent months. But just because something is popular doesn't mean it's a good thing, it can all be because of good marketing. So does Rhimba's fitness DVD work? Does it really help you get a flat stomach and tight bread as they say? After interviewing some women who have been doing exercise for a while, I now know the answer ...

In early March 2008, I was given a demo dvd so I could give a personal review of this new dance practice. I was asked to explain in detail how it works from the average user's perspective. Since then, I've talked to 1 man and 4 women who have been doing this exercise for over a month. Therefore, I feel that I'm confident in judging this high-energy training.

Does it help you lose weight?

In terms of weight loss, it's clear that Rhimba dance training videos work for most people. Of the 5 users I interviewed who tried the dvd and shared their experience, each of them was happy with their weight loss.

How much can you lose with this dance fitness video?

While Rhimba promises that you can lose your size in 2 weeks just by doing it 3 times a week, I find it very possible. But the person I interviewed recommends exercising at least 4 times a week for at least the first 14 days. The reason is that some steps are a bit difficult to pick up if you are not a dancer. These 5 men lost an average weight of 8 pounds in 14 days, although 1 in women lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks.

How does it work?

This dance training is a regular tone and bodybuilding while burning fat and building strong core muscles. This is accomplished by combining interval training with fast and slow rhythms to create aerobic exercises. Music and dance make the fitness routine fun so it doesn't feel like exercise making it easier to stick to for the long haul.

Does it help you get flat stomachs and tight bread?

I'll let one of the women answer this question for me.

"I tried Rhimba and after the first week I started to notice the difference, after eating, my stomach never jumped like before. I miss having my curves when I wear tight clothes, but now I have a nice curvature on my waist, it's about - about 1 month and I'm starting to have obliques and my flat tummy is back. I need to warn you, if you have a hard time with regular cardio, this will be a challenge, but if you are really serious, take the challenge. "

For any exercise program, it is recommended that you stick with it for at least a month to see some key decisions. Also keep in mind that Rhimba recommends that you train at least 3 times a week. But if you want to see quick results, I recommend doing exercises at least 4-5 times a week.

What is the overall satisfaction rate?

The main complaint I got was that the section learning instructions didn't ruin the steps and they were a bit difficult to follow. The coaches move fast at times, and there is almost no transition between most moves during the entire dance practice. For starters, this makes it harder to follow. But after watching the DVD a few times everyone can take the steps and follow. Therefore, the overall satisfaction rate is approximately 90%. That means it may not work for you, but it doesn't.


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