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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferers 7 Step Action Plan to Deal with Work Related Stress

If you experience stress at work, it may manifest itself in emotional symptoms, one of which may be anxiety that can lead to complaints of severe bowel syndrome (IBS). Many IBS symptom patients find that they cannot function fully at work because of the need to get immediate relief from their depressive symptoms.

Medical practitioners advise employees to reduce the stress that may lead to their IBS problem, but most workers will find it difficult to do so if they are working in an organized way. Employees in this position will benefit from developing a clear action plan to address symptoms and keep working

Here are 7 things you might do to manage how you deal with your IBS at work

o Diet changes: Use a diary to keep track of your diet, avoiding the types that carry your symptoms

o Medical: If your Medical Practitioner has prescribed medication and is not working be sure to check it

o Stress Awareness: Keep a diary that tracks your stress levels and compares your stress levels and responses to your diary results.

o Pressure release: deep breathing is known to massage your lower abdomen and soothe you and lower your stress levels. Learn what other stress relief techniques might work

o Exercise: Include in your plan the type of exercise that works for you during your work day

o Support: If you feel symptoms develop, make sure your manager knows they can support you

o Make requests for reasonable adjustments in the workplace so that the environment you work in meets your needs when you are experiencing discomfort, this also includes future times when you need it.

Try these steps at work and remember to review your plan and get advice in each area if you need it.


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