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Review - The Diet Dropout's Guide to Natural Weight Loss

Dropout Diet Guide for Weight Loss, Stan Spencer, 2013, ISBN 9780983571704

After trying every diet known to man, you continue to be frustrated when his weight does not last. Maybe it's time to change your attitude towards food. This is what this book is about.

Are you an emotional eater? Do you turn to food when life is overwhelming? Don't worry about what might happen in the future; focus now. Relax your mind by focusing on the present, but limit it to a single perception or physical sensation. You can also try meditation, or repetitive activities, such as cutting grass or clearing the floor, to trigger a relaxation response. Get rid of thoughts like "I'm so stupid" or "Life is unfair" from your brain right now. Your thinking will be more rational and you will be less emotional about your emotions. Accept things you can't change.

It's easier to avoid the temptation than to resist them. Find junk food outside your home, or at least hide it. Start buying healthy foods at supermarkets. Determine, in advance, what you will do when you pass a cup of coffee at a co-worker's desk. When desire comes, think of something else. Desire is a psychological necessity, not a physical necessity. Search for "calorie burn calculator" online, and see how much exercise it takes to burn calories in soda bottles. Tell yourself that you are not interested. If everything else fails, take a quick detour. When confronted with, for example, a piece of chocolate cupcakes, they are mentally tedious to eliminate their emotional needs. Add some hair to the plate, or add a little mold to some cookies. You don't have to go far, mentally, to make it a toxic waste plate; keep it simple.

Can eat less without hunger. Add fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts to your diet. Don't catch a meal; it will leave you tempted to snack on snacks. Get enough sleep, and watch less TV. Physical activity will help improve your metabolism, and help you lose weight. The book also liberates some of the myths of weight loss.

This book is short, and very good. This is weight loss without pills, special foods or other gimmicks. It is highly recommended for anyone who has ever tried to lose weight.


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