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Psoriasis Arthritis Fruit Diet

This article discusses the psoriasis of the arthritis fruit diet. According to the book on psoriasis healing, people with symptoms of psoriatic arthritis should avoid family nights that include tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and eggplant.

Another diet that helps to clear psoriasis is a high diet of fruits and juices. If you have psoriatic symptoms, according to Dr. Pagano, it is part of the healing process. However, according to one Candida patient who also has psoriasis, her fruit and vegetable diet gives her symptoms such as those that worsen and cause her sadness.

The main concern about a high fruit diet is that many people with Candida have reactive hypoglycemia. Too much fruit can cause blood sugar to drop like a stone.

Also, most candida sufferers have problems with gas and too much fruit can make them very gassy too.

The fruit is really not limited to the candida diet. The only ones allowed in strict simplicity are berries and avocados because they are low in fructose. Someone post candida that only feeds on sugary, non-natural sugars (like fructose in fruit). This is wrong. All yeast types eat sugar of any kind - it makes NO difference if it is "natural" or "fine" sugar.

Avoid all sugary sugars during the candida diet - this includes fructose from the fruit. I will also reduce the intake of vegetable painters such as winter squash, sweet potatoes, parsnips, and carrots. Parsnips and carrots are very high on the Glycemic Index which means they cause spikes in your insulin levels, not candida.


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