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Protein Poisoning Symptoms

There are too many symptoms of protein poisoning to list in this short article. Degenerative diseases of all types are either directly or indirectly caused by protein poisoning. Let's start with cancer.

Cancer causes, when too much protein in the body, causes adverse reactions to the toxic substance, causing the body to lose control over the cells. Once this happens, cells begin to develop beyond the control of the brain. Cancer cells are basically normal cells doing their own thing, at their own pace. It has been known for many years that cancer can be turned on or off by adjusting protein levels. (1)

Arthritis, caused mainly by protein poisoning. It is degraded by too many inorganic minerals in the diet. High levels of protein are associated with high levels of uric acid. Uric acid has long been known to feed on cartilage in the joints. Lowering protein levels is the first step in getting rid of arthritis. (2)

Heart disease, diabetes and most other diseases can be directly or indirectly linked to the use of animal protein. Most people who eat animal products eat protein that cannot be used by the body to build strong healthy tissue. If you see how egg white turns from clear to white, you have protein disruption. This protein is a toxic waste that the body needs to deal with. Most are absorbed by the body and cause a lot of damage.

The use of high levels of animal protein causes acidity in the body which is a direct cause of osteoporosis, and tooth decay. The body should remove the bone and teeth of calcium to keep the acid from killing you.

Most people think that we use protein to build strong muscles. We actually use amino acids to create the proteins we need to build strong muscles and every part of our body. Our bodies need to break down the proteins we eat into their amino acids before we can use them. This process should take place in the digestive system. It has a hard time converting protein shakes into usable amino acids.

The best sources for amino acids, to build a strong body, are vegetables and fruits. Low salad salads have more protein in the form of amino acids than steak. Because most plant foods have protein in the form we need the body has less work to digest food.


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