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Popsicles On The Medifast Diet

Not everyone knows this, but in addition to the six meals you eat at Medifast, you are allowed to have two snacks a day. Indeed, this snack can't be anything you want. There is a list of snacks from which you should choose. However, they do offer you some good options. And one of the options on the list is popsicles. I believe that these options receive a lot of interest because they are the sweet or dessert options that many people crave when they are on a diet. But now you may not necessarily pick the first Popsicle you go to at a grocery store because they are not all the same.

Ideally, you want them to be flavored, but you definitely want them to be sugar free. One of the main principles behind this diet is that it does not consume too much carbohydrate so your body can burn fat from carbohydrates to get into a metabolic state called ketosis. And if you have a snack full of sugar, this process may be delayed or even delayed. Also, this is just my opinion, but I try my best to keep away from artificial sugar. I prefer products with sugar alcohol. They are converted to glucose more slowly and do not require insulin for this process, which means that your blood sugar stays stable.

Here's another idea and please take this as a tip. This is just something I do that I find helpful. But if you have specific questions about compliance, please ask the company yourself. I froze some Medifast coins to make my own low sugar popsicles. I like to use Dutch chocolate with some water. You can freeze it in a mold, ice cream tray, or in a cup (later eaten by a spoon.) I find that this homemade option likes some kind of fudge pop to me. And because I know what's in it, I don't have to worry about eating something I don't need or something that will boost my blood sugar.

It's not that hard to find a sugar-free product at a grocery store (which definitely includes sugar alcohol), but sometimes I like the variety and have the chocolate options too. However, you can also try vanilla or banana flavors depending on your choice.


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