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No More Losers!

How many millions took the pledge to eat food on January 1? How many millions gave up soon after the first? There is little doubt that Americans are getting fat and obesity is a major health issue facing youth today. High calorie fast food age combined with an inactive lifestyle of & # 39; joystick's must be a blessing to the clothing industry because people need bigger clothes.

It is estimated that 95% of all diet plans fail. New Year's resolutions sound great but most fall diet programs don't work and many can make you sick. One of the major issues with diet is that setting weight loss actually results in frequent weight gain. Focusing on food makes a mental trap since it makes you think about wanting more food. It is the idea that the form follows the mind. In addition to the hundreds of fad diets that make tabloid pants and talk shows, there are many more books that will offer some sort of miracle program to lose weight. What do users need to do?

There's a new book by Linda Walker called, NO LOSER: A NEW ADVENTURE TO ACTUALLY DO YOURSELF. Is this just another diet book that makes promises you can't keep? It won't show up. In fact, in the preface, it says, "This is not a diet book. You don't find a new diet plan that promises miraculous results." The author says, "I know what it is like to go from one diet to another. I lose and I gain. I lose more and then I gain back and I'm very good at using this diet to become my lifestyle. It wasn't until I finally started to experience it. a serious health complication due to my weight so I was anxious to find the right answer to my weight problem. "

Are authors looking for new pills that will bring you safety? No. Is he looking for a new miracle food that will melt the extra pounds in two weeks? No. Did he find new vitamins that he would offer you at a cheap price that would spill the unwanted pounds? No. What Linda Walker discovered was the term, "CLICK-ON" to reduce REDUCTION. He said that you did not go ' lose weight mode ' but instead reduction mode. I'm sorry. In this method, you're not click- & # 39; mental switch "that allows you to break bad habits for a lifetime and gives you complete control over your mind and body."

In the BEST LOSER, Linda takes you through life's journey and constant struggle with her weight. He recalls an education that insists that you eat everything on your plate, the candy system for rewards, and then taunts him and his schoolmates insults. And now, after it's over reduce ' weighing 100 pounds, he said it was done without pills and without releasing his favorite food. She said, "I don't count a single calorie or gram of fat. And the best part is knowing that I will never be able to lose weight again!" What is the key to this "10 steps (minus one) approach? The key is to understand the difference between two simple words:" lose "and" decrease ".

With chapter titles such as, STOP LOSING AND STARTING WINNING, ADVANCED STOP AND DOING EATING AND DOING GOOD AND DOING GOOD, you quickly see that this is not a new diet but a lifestyle that results in permanent weight loss and not weight loss. Remember one thing, when someone's doing it Don't worry. something, the first thing they try to do is look for it. When you're ready reduce ' something, you create an entirely new way of thinking that will change your life and your health.

NO MORE THAN WRITTEN BY LINDA WALKER AND published by ALL THINGS NOT FILLING. It is also available on in both print and Kindle editions and as an E-Book from Mobipocket. 150 pages, $ 14.99.


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