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Natural Cure For Stage Fright

If you're experiencing stage fright or if you're shy, mind you and know that within yourself is all the power you need to convince or persuade your audience. Actors or actors with extraordinary abilities have a kind of nervousness before entering the stage. Fear prevents you from acting naturally because it causes panic or anxiety. However, when the actress plays the role several times a day or night for weeks or months the actress loses her sense of dread and feels at home as soon as she starts talking. The thought of making a fool of yourself should help give you the confidence and assurance to take care of yourself on stage. If you're not sure about your own technique, you've lost half the battle. The other half is won by the confidence of those who have your abilities.

What causes the level of fear? First and foremost it is inexperienced; The second is when a person lacks expertise in their abilities, discomfort or low self esteem. It can also be caused by chemical imbalance. Common chemical imbalances related to emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression are deficiencies or excess of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, norepinephrine, gamma aminobutyric acid and acetylcholine.

Other factors increase toxic neurochemical levels such as homocysteine, low serum Magnesium, Zinc or Potassium, lack of essential vitamins such as Vitamin B and Vitamin-C and short supply of cofactors such as amino acids used to help transport precursor neurotransmitters into the blood brain barrier as well as increased levels of cortisol stress hormones. These shortcomings or advantages can rob us of deep relaxation, calm vigilance and quiet focus at the expense of our overall health. Today there are methods that have been used for centuries in traditional healing practices to bring these chemicals and the whole body back into balance.

Here are the steps you need to take to eliminate the cause of stage fright.

1. Shy

2. Anxiety

3. Feeling inferior

4. Infrequencies performing

5. Lack of control or control over your technique

6. Take drugs or alcohol

7. Diet is incorrect

8. Eat too much before talking

It doesn't make sense to let stage fears or first night mistakes overcome or get the better of you. When you talk or hide every sign of stage fright because it never existed and try your best. Remember mixing with the weakest leads to inferiority complex. Try to avoid this kind of person. Overcoming fear is the first step in overcoming this anxiety when it comes to the stage. When you start talking, you talk to uneducated people about the subject you are talking about and imagine them as a group of naive children. You can think of yourself as if practicing in an empty room in front of a believing audience. This is the point; achievements come by grabbing them instead of hanging around waiting for them to come to you.

Repeat your section or speech repeatedly until it becomes automatic. After you incorporate your ego into your actions, your feelings of needing attention will disappear. You must practice calmness with deep concern before doing so. Breathing in will help as you visualize capturing your audience.

Being humble is a magnet and will influence and attract the compassion and care of your audience. Any humble display will take pity on you and destroy any talent you have because you will look down on yourself. On the contrary, pride creates doubt and indifference. If you are serious about becoming a professional then get the best teacher to familiarize you with the best techniques for talking, singing or acting. You must constantly inspire yourself to conquer each and every routine of your life and when you are criticized use criticism as a stimulus to eliminate all defects in your presentation.

If you make a presentation in the evening, do not eat after 2 or 2.30 am. and eat carefully. Your diet has a huge impact on the speed and sharpness of your mental and physical movement. Make a habit of eating lots of fruits and vegetables. Eating too much protein and starch causes your body to maintain toxins. When people eat red meat several times a day, you can see the stupidity in their eyes; However, it is the opposite for those who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Learning to eat naturally and what is nutritious is nothing more than using common sense. For example, when looking at how carnivorous animals are directed towards their food, we can observe when they find their prey, sparkle and joy in the eyes as it begins to brutally hit the squirting blood. Instead, herbivorous animals use the senses of sight and smell to choose herbs and grass to eat, and if a drop of blood is added to their food, they are rejected immediately. Frugivorous animals like their senses guide them to fruits and trees.

We find in all mankind that the senses of sight, smell and sound cannot guide them to the slaughter of animals; they cannot see this kind of murder and that is why the slaughter house is far from the people. When the nose and eyes of a man are so opposed to the sight of dead flesh, how can it be considered a natural food for man except mixed with spices, sugar and salt? Instead we see the joy and aroma of the fruit that makes our mouth water. So are the grains because they have a pleasant taste and smell; This observation concludes that humans are not intended to be carnivorous but frugivorous.

Let's face it, if humans were carnivorous teeth we would carry a dog with a long, pointed, and very slippery dog ​​to grab prey. Instead, the molar will not meet but will be close and adjacent for muscle fiber separation. When we look at men's teeth and look at their teeth, we see that they have nothing in common with carnivorous teeth or omnivorous teeth or herbivorous teeth but actually resemble frugivorous fruit teeth. By closely examining the carnivorous animals' digestive tract, we find that their stomachs are up to 3 or 5 times their entire body. Herbivores have as much as 20 to 28 times their body length and in frugivorous animals they are 10 to 12 times their body length.

The same type of formation is in humans 3 to 5 times long. We have been told by you that the wrong measurement from the foot to the crown and not from the anus to the mouth, has come to the wrong conclusion. Taking all this information, the only conclusion is that in all men the probability is a fruit eating animal. Natural life is recommended and to fully understand what this means we must analyze what is not. Our lives depend on the right choice of home, the food we eat and the company we save. Animals use their instincts with their organs of smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch in their choice to help themselves.

However, in the human organs we find that many perversions of living organs do not begin from childhood so it is almost impossible for humans to rely on their own judgment when choosing what is right to eat. Natural foods consist of fruits and vegetables, a variety of cereals, roots, pure water and milk. When chewed properly and then mixed with saliva this food is easily assimilated into the digestive system. But unnatural food is foreign to the human system and is not assimilated properly into the stomach.

Unfortunately when these substances are mixed with blood, they accumulate in the organs and fatigue because the human organs are not properly aligned. When food is not properly fed, they attach themselves to the gaps and tissues of gravity and cause diseases that lead to premature death. In summary we find that natural life appeals to human appetite. When men have a clear understanding of unpredictable natural diets, they will find favorable mental peace with their activities. Many people finally wake up to the bad news of a doctor and are ready to take the first step and stop eating red meat which also includes goat, pork and beef. It is wise to replace red meat with chicken, fish or turkey. Reducing red meat is very difficult, like trying to quit smoking for some people. It is better to stop banning poultry than to try to escape this deadly habit.

You must overcome your fears. Fear is your own anxiety and things you fear will be interesting. From childhood we have been trained to fear nothing and psychological research tells us that most of the pain in the body will be greatly reduced and completely gone if a child is raised without fear. But because of the incarnation of the past you will see some very frightened children who have brought them a complex of fears out of their subconscious mind even though these children are not children but old souls of countless past lives. Although these children are given a fresh start in every new embodiment, they still carry them with some unwanted baggage of attachment and well-protected habits and with latent phobias from the past they can become chronically frightened for no apparent reason.

Some thoughts or words can trigger very bad reactions in the subconscious mind. If you are a parent you have never instilled fear in your children. Never use scary stories as a threat to correct your child's behavior as you can affect their view of life and create anxiety such as limiting their daily progress. You can instill caution rather than fear. Teach your children and yourself to fear "fear." The mind is a powerful mental vibration designer and whatever you think in detail will pass. The fear you leave creates a mental image that is beginning to be known as the same mental image you know. When you are always scared of accidents, they are more likely to occur because the fear paralyzes your nerves. Your mind will be more concerned with anxiety than being careful and instead of doing the right thing you will pull the luck you are most worried about.

Many people have recovered by eliminating fear from their minds. Many diseases can be cured by healing through courage and like a changing pendulum in another way, people may fear death as recorded in World War II as in severe cases of severe anxiety that the heart stopped and their hair turned white. Unfortunately, mental healing is not an easy thing to do, so masters tell us that those who do not have their minds should continue to cool down and seek physical help. Most attempts to recover by the power of the mind fail because the mind continues to entertain fear. The mind cannot control the mind.

The vitality of the body is a key factor to good health and when the flow of energy is impeded or hindered by anxiety and nervous tension cannot emit the impulses with which the vital immunity and other activities are coordinated. All the energy in the body is controlled by the mind and when the mind is filled with anxiety, anxiety and fear of energy flow becomes paralyzed resulting in poor health.

There are mental, chemical or physical approaches to treating illness. Most people use a physical approach using drugs and surgical procedures. There are many serious diseases that cannot be cured by medical science. When the mind is convinced that it has power over the body, the mental approach to cure is most effective. However, when you mentally confirm that you are not sick but well, you cannot have any doubts in the background. Did you know that fear of the unconscious pictures that you feel most creates a very good mood in the body to maintain and keep viruses and germs alive? Be careful not to focus or think about potential failures or weaknesses as the mind controls the body; when the mind is good the body will also be good. It's wise to hold that thought, "I'm good." When you have that kind of attitude, you will find the energy that eliminates all the hassle.

The two ways to be met are to gain good health and health. When you are sick you go to the doctor, but what happens when the doctor's limited authority or human help is no longer helpful. We then look to the unlimited Power of our body for help and comfort. The book entitled "Yogi Autobiography" by Paramahansa Yogananda, a spiritual classic, explains in detail.


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