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Margaret Thatcher Diet Plan - Good Idea Or Bad?

It seems like the Iron Lady Britain has its own human weakness. In the 1979 campaign for the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Maggie worried about her weight and started a weight loss plan in hopes of shedding 20 pounds quickly.

It was recently discovered and created the Margaret Thatcher Plan Diet Plan. In this article I will review this strange program and see if it is good or not.

This program is really a high protein diet plan. Here's the former Prime Minister:

  • One or two eggs for breakfast with grilled lime. Drinks allowed are coffee.

  • Tomatoes or spinach for lunch with more eggs. In total, she has 4 eggs a day.

  • Steak and salad for dinner. It is unclear if there is any clothing or seasoning but I suspect there are some.

  • Alcohol was not part of the plan as a rule, but it was as if Thatcher was enjoying a whiskey drink.

Does this diet plan for the good or the bad?

In my opinion, this is an accident diet plan with little hope for long-term success. For one thing, it's very low in calories. This can, of course, lead to weight loss, but it's not an easy-to-maintain type. In addition, there are several nutrient deficiencies in this diet plan that are not good for your long term health.

I do not think this is a sensible meal plan and I doubt that the former prime minister was attached to him for a long time after he was elected.


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