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Lose the Love Handles Now!

Trying to lose weight is often a cruel game. People will spend many years trying to get the body fat they want but eventually get stuck in a stubborn love affair. Stubborn lovemaking is a major obstacle for many out there, although they may seem impossible to lose, they are not. With the right plan of attack anyone can lose their grip on love and get the middle ground they want.

The first important factor is nutrition. As they say, the body is good at 80% nutrition and 2% exercise. The common mistakes people make when fighting love are beyond the day of the cheat, and lack of nutrition knowledge. While I believe cheating days are a great idea, better results will come from different approaches. Having a high carbohydrate day, eating healthy foods will result in fat loss. Cheating days often have a high calorie intake that eliminates weekly calorie deficits, retaining the love they control, and losing fat.

High protein and complex carbohydrate food sources are not hard to find, but another unwanted factor is the quality of these foods and drinks. Artificial sugars, soy, and other chemicals can remove the metabolism and hormones from either, preventing fat loss. Testosterone feeds muscles, and estrogen feeds fat, making hormones a key player in the fight against love. Eating all natural foods is the best way to avoid these substances, and to break down more fat.

Weight lifting and aerobics are the perfect combination for losing fat. Type and frequency can be a determining factor. Weightlifting, 3 times a week, is the most effective way to prevent muscle loss, and keep your metabolism high. During 3 aerobic interval training sessions, it is a scientifically proven way to lose fat, and lose weight.

Interval training is a training session focused on high intensity and low intensity training, keeping the body guessing how to adapt. Interval training triggers the release of Growth Hormone, which can help maintain muscle mass. Also, interval training burns more fat, and less muscle than regular aerobics. With the interval training, it's fine. rest. or low-intensity exercises allow you to breathe, and thus you can breathe more effectively throughout the high-intensity part of the exercise. Since oxygen is needed to burn fat, this has great benefits. Better breathing essentially means more fat is burned, and the muscles are better preserved.

Combining these principles should see you burn more fat, and get faster than before. So give it a go and enjoy your work!


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