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Licence to Procreate

Let's start by considering why certain activities are considered licenses. How do the authorities in the world feel it is necessary for you to obtain a license before driving a car (yes, I do), but you also need a license to own a TV - that's just one reason to make money from you, why someone needs to give permission to have a television? As for dog licenses - well it's a minefield in conflict with a number of confusing countries that have different ideas about what's important about dog ownership. And let's not start with the controversy and legality of marriage licenses around the world. All areas with their own issues but my question is, if time and thought have been given to granting this license, why has no authority ever considered the long-term benefits for all parties if one needs to have a license before starting breeding. Should the government not require the taxpayers / taxpayers who require the public to obtain a reproductive license first consider and prove that they are ready or eligible to be parents?

I am a perfect case study. Shamelessly, I admit that I have spent more time looking at menu options at Indian restaurants and local footwear on the shelves than I did when I made the decision to start a procreation. I don't care about some big questions about what parenting really means and how it can affect you for the rest of your life - yes, not just the next 20 years or so when you are actively parenting but the long-term effects of having the body, mind and your status. I consider myself practical, logical and reasonably intelligent so I can only think of hormonal disorders that mess with my rational thinking. I also consider myself a fairly popular person with a wide circle and somewhat eclectic friends - so why don't any of them think it's appropriate to ask me if I really think this through? Ask one of them now about the fact that I have two children and without exception, they are all amazed - I am always open about my lack of interest in continuing my descent. These are smart people, some very thoughtful people who will always offer, invite or otherwise, their opinions on what they care about or not. So why don't anyone step in, look me in the eye and ask "you sure", "can this be a hormone-based decision instead of your usual priority?"

As soon as I was pregnant I explored the whole process of baby growth. Oh, yes. I read every book on the subject of pregnancy, childbirth and the early weeks and months. I read the facts. I read the funny, "way out there, away with fairies". I was fully informed of the "Shut up to my Baby" way, how to apply military discipline to this entity that would not be ready to run but seemed to follow my planned routine. I also read about how to comfort a child in "Terrible Twist", a discipline in preparation for "Threat Tirrees" ... Interestingly no one used the explanation for "Fours" ... but I was shaking.

So I researched almost every aspect of pregnancy and early maternity training - I read books, I signed up to receive newsletters, I became an active member of websites and forums. During all this investigation investigation, I found it quite clear that I never touched on most of the information to consider before actually starting to become a parent - the real, honest "are you really sure you want to do this "information. Where is the Cosmo-style quiz that asks if you're really ready to give up (yes, give up on it will never be the same) your body image, mental health, self-confidence. Are you really mentally equipped to fight with persistent guilt rather than self-justification? It seems that the media's attention is only on the surface of what this decision will entail - sleepless nights, tensions over your finances. Why don't they take up the whole subject - everything in your mind and body will be forever changed by this decision.

There may be uncharted markets there, online courses will take nine months to challenge your thinking and lead you to your honest decisions. For example:

Module 1 - Pregnancy Month

Topics to include:

How to keep working at a job when you feel like dying and not let the person you "ride the duff" finish until the prerequisites in the first trimester

The nine-month driver's status includes ways of managing embarrassing behavior by friends and family

Learn to be polite and talk to strangers who can be trusted to question your foot or diet choices while physically touching your stomach.

Module 2 - Lose your dignity

Topics to include:

Screaming for a baby will expose you to more unattractive meat in public places than you would ever imagine on a Mediterranean beach holiday

Evaluating the level of baby vomiting on your clothing actually requires a change in your clothing

Module 3 - Acceptance

Topics to include:

You won't be able to use the bathroom without being accompanied or questioned for at least the next six years of your life.

You won't be able to have a conversation with a child without a child without finding it interesting to contribute to the discussion

Lose confidence in yourself

Your relationship will suffer - move on

Module 4 - The path to becoming another

Topics to include:

Define the time you need to spend to simply know what you want to do with your life

You are more than a parent, you also have a personality

Obviously I barely touched the surface here. I know I'm not alone in this thinking so why am I on a solo mission to tell the world that maybe not everyone should be a parent. It must be socially accepted that you can make the choice to stick with the life you are enjoying and that the proletariat cannot bring the joy that marketing people are predicting with their happy image, family of chickens in jeans and white t-shirts - roll together.

My own mission is to get more honesty in the public arena. If you are a parent, it should be your duty to tell someone the truth before they make the decision to change the hormone that is unresolved. The truth is that not everyone will enjoy being a parent and there are people out there who want someone to slap them in the face with the truth. It's not a bad career choice, it's your life. If the Dog Trust campaign of "a dog is for life, not just for Christmas" works then surely sanity and identifying thousands of infants can be saved.


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