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Learning Which Food to Avoid With Arthritis is Likely to Resolve More Than Your Arthritis

In finding food to prevent arthritis, you may be on your way to solving it altogether.

Not all arthritis is caused by diet, but diet plays an important role in all your health problems.

A normal western diet is far from healthy. And it's a healthy diet. So what's not good about her?

Let it start with cooking. Cooking destroys enzymes and other important nutrients in your diet. Probiotics are enzymes. Now that many people are looking for adding probiotic supplements to their diet, their health is improving?

At the diet level, they can reach the same level by eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

You have come to believe that you need milk for your calcium needs. However, your ability to digest and use dairy stops when you are weaned. In most Asian countries, dairy is not part of their diet. And in these countries, arthritis is minimal. Or not at all.

The best sources of calcium that you can easily digest and use are leafy greens such as spinach, silver beet, swiss chard, etc.

You also believe that you need meat daily for your protein levels. But if you look at your teeth and then see a cat's teeth, you will notice a huge difference. Cats are true carnivores and must have meat. They can't live without it.

Does your teeth look like cat teeth? Dogs also have the same teeth as cats, and they can live without meat. So they are omnivores, but at the end of the carnivore.

Your teeth look more like a horse's teeth. Horses are the true herbivores.

Herbivores also need to eat regularly, while carnivores can only eat about twice a week, when you consider a failed hunt.

Therefore, you have grown to require lower protein levels than intake. And you can get it all again, from green leafy vegetables. And from beans and beans.

So what foods can be avoided with arthritis? Food cooked, dairy, meat. You don't have to cut the meat completely, just cut it back. Either reduce your share or own it once or twice a week.

The reason arthritis is so common in a typical western diet is because meat needs calcium to digest. Most westerners have too much meat and too little calcium. So their bones suffer.

By studying foods that can be avoided with arthritis, you may be healing more than just arthritis.

It goes without saying, I hope, to avoid all junk food, fast and processed.


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