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Erectile Dysfunction Due to Metabolic Syndrome

When a man's penis works properly, everything is right with the world. When erectile dysfunction damages ugly heads, the world is no longer bright and cheerful. Of course no one welcomes erectile dysfunction, but sometimes this can be a wake-up call for issues outside of penis health. For example, in some cases this problem may be an indication of a possible metabolic syndrome.

About metabolic syndrome

Although it is often called condition, metabolic syndrome is a term used to refer to the encounter of several different conditions. Generally, it occurs when a person has chronic high blood pressure; control high "bad" cholesterol levels; control low "good" cholesterol; maintaining a high sugar count; and tend to have too much fat around the middle. When someone has at least three of these conditions, he is said to have metabolic syndrome, which puts people at risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

Although the term metabolic syndrome is unfamiliar to the general public, it is not uncommon. In the United States, it is estimated that 25% of the full adult population falls into the metabolic syndrome category. And the chances of getting it increase with age.

Spare tyre

The biggest symptom associated with metabolic syndrome is "spare tire" - which means the large stomach that many people develop, making their bodies "apple" or "pear". But it may be without excess weight - just as it might be a bit fat without having metabolic syndrome.

Penis effect

So besides the big stomach, is there another symptom of this problem? That's right - erectile dysfunction. Unfortunately, many men with the syndrome have difficulty achieving or maintaining erection.

Metabolic syndrome can lead to cardiovascular problems. It can weaken the artery, reduce blood flow and make the heart work harder. There is nothing good about heart health, and what is bad for the heart can affect the penis.

As most men know, the erection process depends on the penis's ability to accommodate blood flow. When one becomes aroused, the gate opens and blood fills the space inside the penis, becoming soaked by spongy tissue. The tissue expands and causes the penis to grow too. But if blood flow to the penis is vague, it cannot be as strong as it needs to be. And if the blood does not get stuck in the penis for a long time, it will cause the erection to fade before it is intended.


The best treatment is prevention. Eating a balanced diet and getting lots of exercise in preventing obesity and maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood sugar are important.

For men who have already developed metabolic syndrome, changing their diet and exercise is still a good idea. In addition, various medications may be recommended to treat symptoms. Adhering to a physician-developed treatment plan - including doctor's recommendations on diet and exercise - is important. Metabolic syndrome can be managed, which can have a positive effect on erectile dysfunction.

Of course, managing erectile dysfunction brought about by metabolic syndrome will be easier if the penis itself is in good condition. Use regular penis health baskets (health expert recommends Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven to be light and safe for the skin) can make a difference. Find a creme that contains L-arginine and vitamin C in its ingredients. L-arginine is an amino acid that is involved in keeping penis blood vessels open and receiving increased flow. And vitamin C helps in the development of collagen, which in turn gives tone and elasticity to the skin of the penis, important for proper growth ability during the erection stage.


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