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Is This Goldfish Sick Or Healthy

Goldfish that are sick with the disease are easy to spot. They will have different symptoms than normal goldfish behavior. Goldfish is a fast swimmer. If your goldfish swim slowly and change their stomach frequently during swimming they know something is wrong.

Goldfish with bacteria or fungal infections will change their body color (usually pale in color). There may be different colored marks throughout the body. The stomach can be hard and fat.

There are some basic steps to prevent goldfish disease. Aquarium water needs to be changed and treated to clean it. There should be enough natural plants in the aquarium. Certain fish diseases can be treated by adding aquarium salt to the water. Variations in the water temperature that are not suitable for goldfish can cause them pain.

Therefore, sometimes the cause of goldfish disease can be as simple or illegal as water. Aquarium or pool water should not be contaminated with food and goldfish foods. The bottom of the aquarium should also be clean at all times.

Diseased goldfish should be separated from other goldfish in the aquarium. They should be treated for this disease and taken back only when they are free of disease and any form of bacterial or fungal infection.

You should know about all the symptoms and causes of goldfish disease. If you do not know, you can buy goldfish with pain. The healthy saline in your aquarium will hurt if you ignore it.

Even goldfish like comet goldfish will die if ignored. The solution lies in equipping yourself with the right knowledge of goldfish care, networking with goldfish fans, and taking immediate action when you suspect illness.


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