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Iritis, Inflammation of the Eye

Uveitis (Iritis) Explained

Uveitis is defined as inflammation of Uvea ', the middle layer of the eye. It consists of 3 Iris, Ciliary and choroid body structures. Inflammation that occurs in any of these structures is called Uveitis. ' Iris inflammation is called Iritis.

Iritis is an auto-immune disease whose symptoms can include redness of the eyes, light sensitivity, floaters, blurred vision and pain.

Treatment for Iritis may include steroid drops, injections or pills as well as eye drops to enlarge pupils and reduce pain.

Iritis attacks can occur unexpectedly and can be associated with a variety of conditions such as IBS Automatic Disease, Arthritis, Lupus, Lyme Disease, Crohns, Colitis to name but a few. However, in most cases of Iritis, the cause is still unknown and doctors can only test the above to reject any meaning.

The prevention of Iritis is impossible to determine because no one knows why people have repeated attacks at certain times. However there is scientific evidence that stress may be a major factor.

Side effects of taking steroid drops can increase the pressure on the eyes to normal levels. Your ophthalmologist will measure the pressure in your eyes to see if they are normal. Complications can arise from high pressure such as Glaucoma, Cataract or the formation of new blood vessels.

My story

I was diagnosed with Iritis 5 years ago. Arbitrary attacks hit me, causing severe pain around the eyes, photo sensitivity, 'red eyes', weakening fatigue and general fatigue. My eyes became addicted to the steroid drops that I had prescribed and every time I tried to stop another attack would occur.

Disappointed by the lack of support from doctors who could not diagnose the underlying cause I felt I had no choice but to investigate my own.

After much research I was fortunate enough to find a Naturopath (A person who practices naturopathy, a natural medicine therapist, who looks at the entire body to treat the cause of the disease.) Specializing in Iritis; they work on the premise that most of these conditions are associated with a large number of toxic intestines.

I did a lot of blood tests that diagnose the endocrine system imbalance, very low cortisol levels and low functioning adrenals. I also have a full dental cleaning (I have a lot of mercury-based ingredients), followed by chelation (removal of heavy metals from the body).

Over the last few years, I have been constantly clearing parasites, fungus (Candida), and other harmful pathogens; maintaining a healthy low GI diet; using a variety of herbs, vitamins and detox products. I practiced yoga, received massages, acupuncture and Reiki to combat stress and reduce high impact workouts.

To conclude, I think the underlying cause of my Iritis was its toxicity of mercury, which systematically causes acute Candida; unbalanced hormone activity, intestines, leaky gut and tension, the body stresses everything that contributes to inflammation.

I didn't mean to recover but I feel so much better. I gradually removed myself from the steroid drop and felt that I was finally turning away from this debilitating disease. Through all my research I now understand how my body functions and treats it with the proper respect; overcoming my fears of Iritis' I'm no longer afraid of the next attack.


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