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Increase Your Penis Size For Life: 3 Things Worth Knowing About Jelqing and Diet

Does male supplementation work? What about phalloplasty or surgery techniques? Are they the ONLY way to optimize, improve and increase penis size, or is it a natural and cheaper approach that works as well? And what about supplements, herbs and medicine? Are they proven to be effective ... or simply to disappoint? Are any of these questions familiar?

If you're like the tens of thousands of men who search for DAILY online in the hope of finding a quick solution to self-esteem, in fact, they might. And with so many myths and misinformation here about WHAT really works to lengthen and thicken your penis to its fullest potential, it's often difficult to distinguish between facts ... and what is fiction and pure fantasy.

In this article we will see what I believe is the easiest way for ordinary men to achieve incredible improvements in both size, self-esteem and sexual stamina through both diet, and natural exercise. Want to know more? Continue reading as we look closely below at 4 simple things you really OUGHT to learn about optimum, exercise and diet for optimal size.

1: Jelqing is just a fancy name for a particular form of men's fitness training. More specifically? "Jilq" is a very popular technique for stretching, suppressing and "toughening" spongy tissue in the penis through torque and tension.

This idea, like any other muscle or tissue, when the basic part of the anatomy is broken ... it grows naturally, thicker, and thicker as a result of our body's natural way of "defending" itself. (in fact, basically how all muscles are produced through evolutionary biology)

2: Jelqing is directly affected by the good, resulting from dietary improvement. In other words, while learning jelq by itself is a good investment of your time and energy, making certain dietary changes is a great way to speed up and highlight the benefits you should have from exercising. Why not? Because blood flow is a key component of erectile size.

And high diets in some of the major antioxidants and phytonutrients are important for increasing blood flow to and through the legs. Lastly, when you do it properly, you can expect to expand the blood vessels in the corpora cavernosa, which can drain 25% more blood to fill the spongy tissue in the penis, and this can take as little as 30 days per day of discipline. Ideal foods are those with high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, which are phytonutrients found in green leafy vegetables and bright fruits, and fresh and wild caught fish, you can eat healthier ... BETTER "PE" training will be!

3 - Male supplementation, AND the positive benefits of lifestyle changes that offer a good diet, are long-term and offer life-long changes to your body. No other penis enlargement strategy offers the same success. For example? Phalloplasty, or fast correction surgery using silicone shots is SUPER expensive, and the benefits tend to decline over time. Penis enlargement surgery, as an illustration, has the # 1 highest rate among all combined elective surgeries.

Even medications that may be effective in temporarily increasing the size of the erection are only effective for 4-6 hours at a time, and no benefits are guaranteed, or expected. Jelqing, on the other hand, offers consistent "sticky" benefits, and in combination with dietary changes, can make you a "superhero" in a sack in more ways than one!


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