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How to Live Anxiety Free

Anxiety is something that can really take over your entire life. Eventually illness can occur if we let stress and anxiety dominate our lives. But don't worry because there are natural ways to fight feelings of stress and anxiety and below I share some with you.

Controlling Stress and Anxiety

First you need to understand what is controlling you that may cause stress and / or anxiety - what is triggering? Can you control it or is there something you need to manage it? You can overcome some of the pressure just by managing it. If you don't like where you live or the type of work you have - you can take steps to improve what you have or work to change your location or job. Taking control through action steps is key.

Changing Your Health

One surefire way to change your situation is to change your health. Some people don't think about it this way - but you can control your health by controlling your diet and exercise.

By categorizing and organizing your worries and stresses - you can learn to manage and control aspects of your life.

Here are some helpful tips:

Manage anxiety - Write down who or what triggers your anxiety. Write down ways you can feel better when anxiety starts. You can have an attack plan that you can tell. Being prepared will help you to defend yourself.

Breathe well - Rapid breathing can increase panic attacks and hyper ventilation. Make sure you remember to breathe deeply and slowly to soothe and relax when you feel the stress of the moment.

Visualize a quiet place - Take yourself to a happy place - a place where you can relax ... staying in touch with what makes you happy and relaxed really helps the process. Imagine being in an ideal situation. Imagine yourself releasing stress and relaxing.

Encourage yourself - Repeat strong and encouraging statements to yourself. It says, "I deserve a new and rewarding job, one where I am treated with dignity and not abused." Statements like these can be very powerful to use when you stress out work and anxiety seem ready to take over. You can make a statement under any circumstances. Feeling yourself about positive things is very powerful for your mind and makes your mind very strong.

Growing healthy - Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly will help you find a happy place. Strong mind pair with strong body. If you abuse your body by eating unhealthy foods, processed and drinking alcohol / taking drugs - your body and mind will go down.

Backup - Having someone to talk to can support your efforts and encourage you. Giving help to friends and family is great and it will help you stay strong as well. Professional help is also available and there is nothing wrong with using a professional counselor to assist you.

Remember to take care of yourself - you are the best and the only one to do this. Managing your body and mind is always the best thing for you.


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