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Gynecomastia Treatment Alternatives - What Really Works?

Finding the best alternative gynecomastia treatment can sometimes be challenging. There are various treatments available, but finding the best one really depends on the size of your enlarged male breast.

Excess weight is usually the number one cause for gynecomastia. The excess fat builds up in the breasts and creates a large male breast.

Treatment for this type of cause can be a diet and exercise program under the care of a nutritionist or weight loss counselor.

In severe cases, it is best to consult a doctor first and have an exam.

For young men with breast enlargement and obesity, nutrition is almost always cured. There is usually no need for further medical attention.

Medicines are another contributor to gynecomastia. There are several prescription drugs that are known to cause enlarged male breasts.

Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider about this if you suspect this may affect you. In most cases, you can change your recipe and eliminate the problem.

There are other gynecological treatment alternatives such as several programs designed specifically for each individual. You can find these online and many people have had great success with them.

Finally, liposuction is another treatment that can eliminate gynecomastia, but should be used only as a last resort. If you have tried to lose weight, exercise and changed medications, then surgery may be your only option.

The key to deciding on surgery is to find the right doctor and answer all your questions. Make sure they are board certified in gynecological areas.


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