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Shiatsu, A Japanese Acupressure Massage

Ancient Chinese healers have found that if they applied light finger pressure on a sick person they would be better off. They treat digestive problems and increase energy in their patients. They document their work and find over time that energy flows along certain pathways in the body and that there are related organs that are affected by this energy flow. They label the Meridian's main line.

Centuries ago a Buddhist priest introduced Chinese Medicine to Japanese practitioners interested in this manipulation technique. The Japanese adopted this technique and developed an acupressure massage that they called 'Shiatsu'. Shiatsu is a relaxing massage that uses gentle finger pressure as the therapist travels along the meridian path and follows the meridian path in the proper flow for each of the twelve meridians. The customer sits on a comfortable mat on the floor and is dressed in loose clothing.

Acupressure and Shiatsu directly work with our energy system through our nervous and musculoskeletal systems that have a profound effect on our overall well-being. Relaxation sends signals through the nervous system to delay the release of excess cortisol hormones.

As a side note, the hormone Cortisol is a defense hormone that creates extra amounts of cortisol. Depending on the amount of cortisol released, our digestion is blocked or shut down, our immune system, sex drive, and all other insignificant bodily functions are slowed down or prevented from releasing Adrenaline. Adrenaline gives us extra strength and energy for survival mode of 'flight to life'. These chemical activities are designed to help us through our crisis. This is a 'hunker down' and 'get' it. It's done 'excess energy. When the crisis ends, we fall into a state of exhaustion.

Our energy system is often referred to as the Soul, the Spirit, 'Chi', '' Ki ', and sometimes our emotions. Our energy system is made up of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of humanity. Our energy system is who we really are.

'Dis - ease' and inequality is a direct result of imbalance in our energy system. Many factors such as financial stress, fatigue from physical activity, insecurity, low self-esteem, crime, hunger (inappropriate diet), illness and stress in general all interfere with energy-efficient living. Life stress has a way of creating a blockage in our energy system that is reflected along the Meridian path.

In Western medicine our symptoms are treated with anti-depressants, muscle relaxants, pain pills, heartburn, arthritis medications, heart medicine, surgery and other procedures known to treat symptoms.

However, in Eastern medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Orientals treat 'uncomfortable' sources. and discomfort with nutritional, rest and acupressure foods that address energy barriers along the meridian pathways that impede life cycle and vital chemical reactions.

Other benefits of Shiatsu include increasing circulation of energy throughout the body through the meridians, strengthening the body's immune system, promoting flexibility in the joints and controlling nerve function through the central and autonomic nervous system. This chemical reaction improves muscle function and organs 'easy' in our system.

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