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Glyconutrients Research Continues To Show Promise For Good Health

Glyconutrients are eight immune sugars used for cell to cell communication. This sugar is not used by the body as a source of energy / fuel like other carbohydrates. Without cells suitable for cell communication, the immune system cannot determine which cells are invading or which cells leave themselves, healthy cells or unhealthy cells. When the immune system attacks healthy cells, it is called AutoImmune Disorders. When the immune system fails to attack the unhealthy cells, diseases and sets of diseases in the body. As you read, a lot of research is done on glyconutrients. Science has emphasized that glyconutrients are not a diet choice but a necessity for everyone, called by many "missing links" to good health.

Surprising evidence shows that many common ailments are caused by the lack of a single food lost in our diet. Among the missing ingredients are antioxidants, phytonutrients and gloconutrients. Why not? Most people already know the answer but don't know what to do. "Nutrition is no longer the food we eat every day due to soil depletion and green harvesting."

Take glyconutrients for one example, just two of the eight glyconutrieints known to be common in today's diet. Science has shown that we need all eight living sugars to stay healthy.

To briefly explain why everyone needs glyconutrients, take the example of a typewriter, and if all of the vowels are missing from the keyboard, it is not possible to convey a plausible written message. This is exactly what happens in the body when even one of these important glyconutrients is missing from the diet. The immune system receives no messages to destroy damaged cells or to leave healthy cells alone. The immune system can defend the body if it has all the nutrients it needs and knows when and where to attack.

The eight most important immune sugars are: xylose, fucose, galactose, glucose, mannose, N-acetylglucosamine, N-acetylgalactosamine and N-acetylneuramine (sialic acid).

Some of the other benefits of taking glyconutrients are: improving disease resistance, improving all health and vitality, reducing allergy symptoms, slowing down the aging process, reducing inflammation, boosting natural killer cells and macrophages and improving blood sugar disorders.

The final word on glyconutrients and stem cells. Stem cells are produced in the bone marrow and move through the body to repair tissue damage. Studies show that those who take glyconutrients for one week experience traction in stem cells by trillions. Glyconutrients have the answer that stem cell researchers are still looking for. Maybe they should see glyconutrients for their answer.


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