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Common Weight Loss False Myths That You Should Never Follow

Because of the high number of obese and obese people in our society, there is a difference in opinion and opinion in our society about weight loss. While some of these insights and ideas are helpful, there are many of them that are actually far from the truth.

In this article we will look at some common half-truths and false myths about weight loss. These false myths include the following:

1 - "There are best practices for losing weight"

Believe that there are some ideal exercises and 100% ideal for weight loss because there are no perfect exercises and most exercises are no better than each other, the most important thing is to make sure that you burn more calories during training than what is you eat.

So in general, the more exercise you do, the more extra body fat you will burn.

2 - "I'm overweight because of my genes"

It is wrong to believe that you are fat because "It runs in your family"; you're not fat because you have a fat gene that you "inherited from your parents." If there are many members of your family who are obese, it is likely because you all eat the same foods.

While some people may have genes that make them more likely to gain extra weight, they will not lose weight if they eat properly and live properly.

3 - "I want to lose all the fat in two weeks"

It is not possible to lose all your excess weight in a short time; even if you use a fast weight loss program like a quick lemon, you will only be able to lose weight quickly in a short period of time and after that you will experience massive weight gain.

4 - "I'm fat because I have a slow metabolism"

If your doctor does not diagnose you as a recognized medical condition that results in lowering your metabolic rate, then you must accept the simple fact that you are obese because you are eating too much and because you are not exercising enough.

5 - "I must eat well after I exercise"

While you need to nourish your body with nutritious food while you exercise, you must be careful not to eat more calories than you eat; If you want to achieve your fitness goals, you must eat less and exercise more.

6 - "I've tried every fitness program and diet out there without getting better"

This is a very common and misleading statement from obese people who fail to properly use their diet and fitness programs.

Most people who fail to realize their weight loss goals with their diet program actually fall for the dietary guidelines set by their program; you need to follow the plans and guidelines outlined in your diet program if you want to achieve your goals.


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