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Fat Burning Supplements - Forget the Pills and Stick to These Natural Choices

Many fat burning supplements like ephedra are nothing more than powerful stimulants that can endanger your health. Try this alternative instead.

1. Spicy food

Ingredients in chili peppers and chili peppers can cause a slight increase in metabolism. Chili pepper has also shown anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Try adding some chilli powder to the egg and meat dish whenever possible.

2. Tea

Green tea and oolong tea contain ingredients that have been studied to help lose fat. Although black tea contains caffeine, there is little evidence for its fat ability. White tea can also be very helpful but difficult to find.

3. Caffeine

Most people cope with caffeine but coffee and other caffeine drinks can actually serve as a fat burning supplement as well. Caffeine can speed up your heart rate (at a safe rate) and increase metabolism. Try drinking a cup of strong black coffee before exercising.

4. Protein supplements.

High quality supplements can give back what nature has taken. Some meal replacements hold the appetite as a beverage and can work as a whole for lunch or dinner. If you want to make it easier to control and lose weight, try high quality whey protein, egg, or goat milk supplements.

5. Vitamin and Mineral Supplements with High Bioactivity

Bioactivity simply means the ability to be absorbed and used by your body. Supplements of vitamins and minerals consumed in the market are not so good because of their poor bioactivity. Find the following buzz words to indicate high quality vitamins or minerals: ascorbate, citrate, fumarate, malate, picolinate, succinate, and tartrate.

If you are going to get supplements, you need a program that contains vitamins that stimulate fat and essential fatty acids. This may not be what you think when you want a fat burning supplement but taking the right nutrients is important to keep your body from relying on fat and burning muscles.


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