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Discover the Dos and Don'ts of the Alkaline Diet

Most of us have heard about the alkaline diet. Everywhere, and since the top Hollywood celebrities have confirmed it on different platforms, the popularity of alkali food has soared as never before. Of course, this is not an easy diet, and if you are someone who survives on meat and dairy, this may be more difficult. However, the alkali diet is definitely not a diet. It's natural, and if you have the patience and can put in all the effort you need, you'll lose weight, especially if that's your main goal. In this post, we bring you what you need and don't need an alkaline diet. If you are just getting started and need some early advice, the tips below will definitely be helpful.

The Dos:

1. Get a cookbook. You cannot live or follow an alkaline diet if you continue to eat. There are many famous cookbooks that make cooking easy when you follow this diet. Get one of them and start making your own food.

2. Eat alkaline promoting foods. Most fruits and vegetables are considered good under this diet, so when you set your plate, this should cover most. Also, you can include lots of red beans, almonds, peas and shoots.

3. Focus on soy products. Since you can't have some common dairy products, soy products are your best bet. Go for tofu, soy milk and nuggets, which are easy to cook. You can also have soy beverages available on the market.

4. Add vitamin enhanced water. Go for alkaline water, which supports diet. Select brands that offer a pH score of 9 or higher. Alkaline water has some important vitamins and minerals, which are important for your body.

The Don's:

1. Skip alcohol. Yes, you read it right! Alcohol is banned in the alkaline diet, so say goodbye to your usual dose of white and red wine. All other beverages, including beer, are also excluded from the list.

2. Cut all the meat. These include pork, chicken, beef and turkey. You need to eat healthy, and that doesn't include any red meat. If that's hard for you, try and skip some red meat, otherwise white meat will include fish.

3. Skip snacks. Well, chips, nachos, ready-to-eat foods and all kinds of foods that come from one package are also prohibited. Because you cannot have cheese, pizzas, burgers and processed foods you must avoid them completely.

Final Tip:

Any diet, no matter how effective, will not function on its own. You should enjoy at least one hour of physical activity daily. Alkaline diets are definitely effective in reducing weight, as most harmful foods are banned from your diet, but if you want to achieve sustainable results, you should consider a good exercise plan. Don't be shy from talking to your dietitian, who may have some tips and suggestions for following a diet, keeping your health history in mind.


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