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Creating a Detox Plan

If you are interested in detoxifying, you need to find a detox plan that is specific to your specific health issue. However, you will have a good idea that you need a detox plan if you are chronically tired, bloated, or have acne and other skin disorders.

Detox plans come in many forms, but they all require you to undergo a health check or finish the examination before proceeding. You need to make sure you are a good candidate for the detox plan, as people with adrenal disorders cannot decompose until the issue is cleared.

Find out what's going on ahead

The next thing you need to do, after being introduced to detoxification, is to educate yourself on the different basic needs of the detox diet, and prepare yourself for the temporary side effects you may experience during the process. Going into a detox plan without knowing what to expect can lead to regret because you are not prepared for the side effects, but doing so will prevent you from even more important benefits.

Food Detox Plan

Your detox plan should clearly state what foods you can eat and what foods you should avoid. Adhering to these guidelines is a great way to make sure you don't go back to food that caused your need for detoxification in the first place. A good detox plan will eat lots of fresh organic vegetables and fruits, and replace sweet-grain-based foods with sweet crackers, chips and pasta. You can also eat low glycemic cereals like amaranth, buckwheat, honey, and quinoa.

High fiber foods are essential in any detox diet plan, so include lentils and peanuts in your diet, and snacks on any beans or peanut grains without the exception of peanuts and peanut butter. Flax and other seeds are an essential part of a good detox plan for their phytonutrients and their satisfying properties.

While you need to eat raw fruits and vegetables where possible, you can cook your vegetables in cold pressed organic virgin oils. And you will refrain from all sugars, hydrogenated or saturated fats, wheat and dairy products, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, or any foods containing artificial preservatives, flavors, and colors.

You can help yourself by taking an Ayurvedic quiz to help you determine the right foods for your body type before choosing your detox plan. And make sure you drink at least eight cups of purified water, organic juice or fresh vegetable juice, or herbal tea daily while following your detox plan.


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