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Choosing the Right Quick Weight Loss Product

Most people can't help but wonder how safe a diet pill or diet program is when they see the advertised weight loss claim. Through a plan that claims to lose ten pounds in forty-eight hours or ten kilograms of weight each week, it will automatically increase one's fraud and radar of health concerns.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Is this high weight loss?

  • Will weight gain be water or fat?

  • Is there a work plan involved?

  • Are there any side effects cited?

  • Are any clinical trials conducted?

Realistically, at most, four pounds of weight per week is possible. However, the goal is ten pounds a month. The reason is to lose one pound of fat requires a 3500 calorie deficit. This means that the recommended daily calorie level should be 500 calories less than the recommended amount, to lose just one pound per week. As you can see, without the help of a good diet product and exercise, losing anything more than ten pounds a month is impossible unless someone puts you at risk. However, it can also be seen that losing more than ten pounds (as advertised in many diet products) means losing more fat. What is missing is water weight, muscle mass, and health.

When choosing a diet product, look closely at the claim to see if the product can do what it says it can do. Knowing that 500 calories can be safely reduced from a recommended daily calorie intake, without one pound of exercise can be lost weekly. Exercise can help burn extra fat, and some products like fat binders and appetizers can also help speed up the process. However, as a rule of thumb, be especially careful about products that require weight loss more than ten pounds a month.

Once it has been proven that the amount of weight demanded can be achieved, then look at the eligibility of the product. Ensure clinical studies and tests have been performed. Legitimate products will have this information proudly provided for display.


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