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Super Bowl Diet Survival Guide

Super Bowl Sunday is a great first-year "holiday" that can affect your diet and the resolution of your New Year's workout. You feel healthier and may have lost a few pounds this year. Your clothes fit well and you eat healthier and exercise more consistently. Super Bowl parties can threaten your weight loss momentum, but you don't have to let that happen. The key is not to become a wild pig at a Super Bowl party. If you do, here are some tips for keeping your waistline lower than your game score.

Don't go to the Hungry Super Bowl Party

Pig out before this party. You need to eat healthy foods first before any party or any situation where you may be tempted by unhealthy foods. Enjoy the game, but not all unhealthy calories. Healthy eating opportunities will be higher if you do not feel hungry.

Avoid Food Stimulants

Foods high in refined carbohydrates or high in sugars boost your appetite. These foods induce your hunger hormones to overpower you. Do not eat bread, nuts or chips before eating. This increases your appetite and you are more likely to eat too much. If you have a piece of bread, eat it while eating. Eat more protein. Although refined carbohydrates increase appetite, protein has the opposite effect. Start the day with protein. One study showed that people who had egg white omelette for breakfast consumed 44% less calories during the day than those who ate oats immediately.

Avoid High-calorie Foods

Pizza wings and chicken are two of the most popular foods on Super Bowl Sunday. If you can just say "no" it makes the whole day easier and you won't feel guilty on Monday morning. There are many delicious healthy foods to eat. Try adding white peas to guacamole, add in the salsa fat or mix the ranch with lean yogurt for delicious dips. Replace hummus and mustard for mayo and cheese on sandwich. Try chicken breast, fish and vegetables instead of hamburgers and hot dogs. Make fish tacos with salads or chopped cabbage. Turkish chili with lean meat filling, lively and delicious or served with hot vegetable dogs.

Skip Alcohol

One or two beers may not sound like much, but extra calories increase your waistline and reduce your strength. Try a tonic water diet with lime. Tastes like mixed drinks and bitter taste will soothe your appetite.

Double Your Exercise

While this may mean some serious preplanning, I suggest you get 1-2 hours of exercise on the Saturday before and on Super Bowl Sunday. True, I refer to any kind of physical activity, not just exercise. Loose physical activity is defined as something that moves your body. So shopping, dancing, cleaning, etc. are all considered forms of physical activity. Walking is my favorite and my patients' favorite physical activity. You can get your workouts all at once or in small blocks. The goal is to double your workouts over the weekend, the way you can. And more is better, so if you can do more physical activity, I recommend doing as much as possible.

Part-time training

Why not? Take a 15-minute walk around the block while everyone is attacking more of the wet nachos.

Don't eat without thinking

Avoid grass or snacks on chips or pretzels during the game. Do you really want to eat it or do you just want to order it? Try carrots and celery instead.

Think of football as a sport, not a food and drink event. Think of elite athletes in the field ... you can treat your body like a professional athlete. You can leave this year's Super Bowl party feeling healthy and strong. And, you're going to wake up Monday morning without getting drunk!


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