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Are You a Woman Over 30? Here's Your Fat Loss Answer

Women often lose some body fat after the age of 30. Often times they will try anything to get them back. The challenge is to find the best way to lose women's fat for over 30 years. Especially women who put a little extra fat around their stomach area to recover their stomachs. Often they will start an exercise program to target the fat pouch.

The truth is that there are better ways to lose women's fat than 30. To get a flat stomach you only need to lose body fat. You may ask and what is it?

A woman needs to increase her protein intake. The best sources of lean protein are fish, chicken and eggs. Many women in their 30s actually lose fat protein when they actually raise it.

Start a low intensity cardiovascular exercise program. Just walking at a comfortable pace will not have the same benefits as a good cardiovascular exercise program. Intensive exercise programs will trick your body into burning more fat.

Weight loss can provide some real benefits to the way your body burns fat. Weight training improves metabolism and actually improves your metabolism on the day that results in an increase in fat loss.

Be careful about the amount of alcohol you use. The actual use of alcohol will work with your body's ability to burn flakes. Your metabolism is affected by alcohol consumption. Reducing your fat intake gives you a fast fat loss and it doesn't have to be too hard.

The following tips can help women gain weight over 30:

• Use low fat dispersion or polyunsaturated margarine instead of butter, hard fat or margarine.

• Reduce red meat containing high fat content

• Vegetable cook steam if you cook it completely

• Be creative with herbs and spices to add flavor to your food.

• Use skim milk

• Bake or grill meat with a rack that allows fat to submerge.

• Reduce the amount of food you eat

All of the methods listed work together to allow women to lose more than 30. Diet and good exercise provide a good balance for effective fat loss.


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