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3 Lower Back Pain Causes

Chronic back pain causes several types.

And, because we are all unique in our imbalance and movement patterns, lower back pain treatments may also vary.

Before deciding on a course of action, your health professional should conduct a series of postural and movement assessments that will help gather information specific to your body and your needs.

If you have severe back pain, you should get your primary care doctor checked so that he or she can refer you to a specialist if necessary.

Here are 3 major causes of back pain.

1) Poor hip mobility - We, as a people, spend so much time sitting each day that our joints tend to "freeze" on us. When we think of the lower body joints, the ankle should move; The knees should be stabile, and the hip is mobile, too. If the ankle is restricted in its movements, the body will seek to compensate by increasing its movement elsewhere. It's somewhere else usually the knee. That's not a good thing. If we move our legs to the hips, the joints should move. If not, the body will find areas to balance and often, the area is the lumbar spine. There's a back pain in your back.

2) Poor core stability - I know this term is thrown around, but the most sought after is the ability to activate muscles that hold or stabilize your spine and stabilize your hips. These are your core muscles that you can't see when you look in the mirror; not because they are covered in fat, but because you shouldn't see them. They are considered as the muscles in your core. They are your foundation. If they are not strong, then your back muscles will not be strong.

3) incorrect weight training techniques - Understanding how to exercise properly in the gym is a must. Too many male customers come to me with the bad weight lifting habits they have had since high school. And, too many female customers come to me after being taught by their boyfriend (with the same bad habit) how to lift weights. Almost always, improper weight training techniques are to blame for pain or injury in some joints in the body, with the lower back being one of the most common.

Incorporating strenuous exercise into your current weight training routine will help you combat the negative effects of sitting all day. You will be on the path to a stronger body, but more importantly, you will be closer to living without the constant warning of back pain.


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