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Are You Struggling With Your Master Cleanse Diet? What You Need to Do To

As a person who has been on a diet it is known that the first few days can be very exciting. You are thrilled with the potential results you will have, something new to your regular routine and you have a strong sense of self-control active in your body. You think this is going to be great! And I can't wait until I get summer clothes again. I'll look so good!

Then everywhere along the line, diet became a burden. Usually this happens in the middle of your new diet program. It's an experience we all had at one time. The small setback or disappointment in the outcome you expect can be a major source of anxiety and we are discouraged and depressed about losing weight. Then we start to question ourselves. Did I really do it? What's wrong with me? Why don't I lose more weight? You tend to blame yourself or blame your diet or maybe both.

This is a normal reaction to any diet regime. It's an emotional roller coaster. What you need to remember is that this is a process of high and low levels and your body will respond to your new regime differently for each day of your diet program. This is totally normal and you can't give up or blame yourself at all. You are taking important steps towards better health and your body and mind need to adapt to the changes you use. No one really likes change or your body. You may also experience rebellion from your own internal system.

But be careful, your body will catch up and get the program after giving up on new ways to become. Chances are, sugar, salt and fat cravings are the most difficult to deal with at any given time of the day. The body craves and goes through withdrawal for these things that can cause mood swings, depression, and even headaches.

This is where you can get stuck in your new diet regime.

Your favorite trick to fight cravings is to stop and analyze what your body really wants. For example, if you crave sugar, it may mean that your sugar levels may be low. Instead of grabbing a decadent candy bar, go for natural sugars such as sweet apples, oranges, pears. Salt cravings can indicate the removal of essential minerals sodium and water. Sometimes craving salt is a way for the body to tell you that you have dehydration. Having a water bottle with some crystals of organic salt and lemon juice close by will do the trick. You can also have this in a bottle near your desk at work, so no excuses. There are many ways to trick the mind and meet the needs of the body at the same time.

It's hard to meet the challenges of mid-travel as you work hard to reach your goals. The biggest and most important organ in any diet regime is your brain. Gaining control over negative thoughts, self-criticism and self-sabotage can be the root cause of any good diet. Sometimes our expectations are too high. It is natural to make big profits with little effort but our expectations can be changed to reflect a softer approach to our dietary goals. Make realistic expectations and remember that this is a non-race process. Every day can bring great benefits and increase confidence and empowerment. Many times people do not celebrate themselves. If you lose half a pound of the 2 pounds you expect, it's not a failure. Raise half a pound of weight. It was a great performance and better than gaining 10 pounds, so hit yourself in the back, jump for joy — literally, look in the mirror and smile with the pride of kings and queens. You'll feel better.

Another way to achieve perfection is to start a diet journal. You can pour your personal thoughts and animal peeves into journals. You can have some great breakthroughs to find out why you are pursuing a particular diet or even discover some great self-discovery and ideas that can empower your nutrition program. These are just a few of the ways you can be out of control and run your diet program to great success.


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