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A Chilling Way to Boost Your Performance

When a man gets too excited, we tell him to take a cold bath to cool off. Interestingly, if he followed that advice, he would gain more energy from the experience, including more testosterone. You can cool it for a while, but you'll make it stronger next time. Around the world, people use cold water baths or baths as a therapy for a variety of diseases. In the 1800s, ice bath treatments were prescribed medically to patients as hydrotherapy to cure everything from broken bones to psychological disorders.

Although hydrotherapy has been largely replaced by pharmaceuticals in western countries, the practice of soaking in icy cold water continues. People in the north went from the sauna to jump into the pile of snow to recuperate. The annual polar bear club takes a dip in the freezing of the lake every year. Athletes are increasingly turning to this method to help speed up recovery time after major physical stresses compete.

As the body senses cold water, it reacts to a living reaction designed to protect vital organs. Blood vessels near the surface of the skin are closed and blood vessels are directed internally to maintain the purity of the body. When the body recovers from this cold environment, blood rushes back to all the small blood vessels. The effect is to help reduce damage to cells caused by physical activity and to prevent inflammation during examination. Athletes recover from training faster and they show increased stamina if they take a water bath in between training routines.

This process seems to produce many other positive benefits for the body as well. When the body heats up after a cold experience, it releases antibodies as part of the recovery process. It improves the immune system and helps protect the body from inflammation and other diseases. To boost men's energy during this stage of recovery, the body releases testosterone, so all brave souls brag about their goodness after jumping into a murky shower or snow pile after a sauna. If the man has a father's appetite, he will be interested to know that cold baths can dramatically increase sperm count. Is this a case of cold over pills?

The process of recovery also activates the body to access fat stores, known as brown fat, which can lead to weight loss. Cold water treatment removes skin pores and hair follicles, which helps prevent skin from drying out as quickly as a hot water bath. The result is a smoother skin and shiny hair. Cold healing aspects stimulate almost every part of the body, including the brain. When the body rushes to recover from the effects of cold water, it sends a signal to the brain that improves mood and may be a tool to help fight depression.

The amount of time you spend in a shower or cold shower is up to you and it depends on the water temperature. Fifty degrees of water will feel cold, and you can tolerate ten to fifteen minutes. The bath at thirty-nine degrees will feel lighter and you may find that three to four minutes is all you can tolerate. It's not just a moment in and out of the icy waters. Stay in cold water for more than two minutes to stimulate the optimal recovery process.

One word of caution is justified; If you have heart disease or high blood pressure or have any illness that causes fever, you are advised to avoid additional stress to cool your body. If you are unsure, please consult your medical professional before trying this technique. If you are clear about doing so, keep hot water in the tank once a week and let it cool to improve your performance.


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