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Acne and Hormones - Are Your Skin Eruptions Due to Hormonal Changes

Hormones play a role in acne skin acne even though they are not the only cause. If you have skin acne and acne or severe cysts and women, you may want to ask your doctor about polyscystic ovary syndrome or post. Other symptoms of post include excessive hair growth.

Androgen is a hormone that occurs during puberty and causes the sebum glands to overproduce. In addition to androgen, the body under stress produces cortisol which can be a contributing factor to acne, cyst and acne.

Many women are aware that estrogen and their menstrual cycle are important factors. For some women, taking birth control helps control the formation of acne and acne and will reduce acne formation. You should check with your doctor for the amount of estrogen in your birth control pill and keep your cycle diary and acne acne to have a good record of their relationship.

Learning a person's diet is also very important and a useful way to balance hormones and control acne skin. Many say diet and acne have no connection and that's just a myth. However, others including myself have found that food balances hormones and can have a significant effect on the development of acne patterns. Experts seem to mix with acne and diet, but some discuss the role of saturated fat in clogged pores and others cite sugar as a factor. Take a week to test things and use a systematic plan to review your results.


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