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Abs Diet Plan - 2 Fat Producing Foods to Avoid

You may be surprised to read about 2 of the great foods I wrote in this article. The popular opinion is that these foods are healthy, but you should consider eliminating them from your abs diet plan.

We all know how bad fats and high fructose corn syrup are for our health, so I won't waste your time discussing this ... Instead, I want to point out a spot light on some foods that may increase your body fat.

Food that is often considered healthy is wheat. We talk about pasta, bread, bagels, and more. The category of fat-producing foods also includes wheat.

Many people have some form of intolerance to gluten in wheat. Celiacs are the most sensitive, but most locals have never eaten most of the wheat. As humans, our digestive system has not evolved to control the amount of wheat in our diet, which partly explains why obesity rates are so high today.

Humans started eating wheat a few thousand years ago, but only in the last 100 years or so have we started consuming it in large quantities. This is a moment when you think that our digestive system has grown for hundreds of thousands of years. As hunters, our diet is high in vegetables, fruits, nuts and meat.

The decision to eliminate wheat from your diet can produce good results in just 2-3 weeks. You will feel better and you will find it easier to lose weight. In addition to burning fat, you may also experience indigestion, headaches or skin problems.

Another example of obesity that many believe is healthy is fruit juice.

Now don't get me wrong ... most fruits are very healthy for us. Of course we eat whole fruit. However, drinking only high calorie juice without the benefit of other components such as fiber, is bad for us.

When we just drink our juice we are dissatisfied. Fruit fiber helps slow down blood sugar and reduce appetite.

Drinking too much fruit juice makes us fatter. Instead of getting your fruit mainly from the juice, focus on eating the whole fruit. This will give you high nutrient density and a healthy balance to your abs diet plan.


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