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5 Myths About Graves' Disease and Hyperthyroidism

# 1: If you do nothing, Graves' disease will disappear.

Incorrect: If you do nothing, you may encounter a thyroid, a life-threatening condition. Symptoms can, but are not limited to: high fever, severe diarrhea, vomiting, delirium and more - these are all very serious complications that can lead to heart failure. Don't play with fire!

# 2: There is a magic pill, which if I take it, I can be cured overnight from hypertension.

False: Unlike magic pills, which can cure any illness, it's not just Hyperthyroidism overnight. Usually it takes time to cure for the physical manifestations of the disease. You illness does not appear overnight, it cannot go overnight!

# 3: RAI (Radioactive Iodine Treatment) is a safe and quick way to solve my hypertension problem.

False: If you believe that ingesting radioactive iodine is safe, what's the big deal about earthquakes in Japan? People wouldn't go with masks and move to different places in the world, would they? A hypertensive cat treated with the same pill will not be locked in a metal container for 2 weeks straight, right? But do you believe that it's safe for people, especially for you?

# 4: The right diet for hypertroids is the only therapy that can improve my health problems.

False: No matter what you eat, no matter how much broccoli and cabbage you eat all night - that still won't cure you of Graves' Disease. So saying - maintaining a good diet will definitely help, but that is not the only cure factor for this particular thyroid disease. There are foods that should definitely be avoided such as seafood, or any foods with high iodine content. Aspartame is also considered very dangerous. Other foods, called goitrogenous and cruciferous, can be very helpful.

# 5: I have to rely on my endocrinology 100% to cure my thyroid problems and do whatever they tell me to do, no questions asked.

Incorrect: Doctors, at least most of them, do their best to treat their patients the best they can, with the best education they can. However, all humans are different and sometimes medications and treatment options may have completely different effects on different people. Make your own assessment, pay close attention to how you feel and what your reactions are, trust your intuition. To get well, you need to be actively involved in the healing process and if your doctor prevents you from doing so - don't be afraid to fire it and get something else.


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