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4 Secrets to Motivation and Weight Loss

Whether you live in hot or cold climates, maintaining your motivation to exercise is important to lose weight. If you keep moving all year long - Congratulations! Many people lose their motivation during the fall or winter. No matter the age, the 4 tips below will help keep you motivated.

(1) Write on paper the exact time you plan to work out

One of the best ways to increase exercise motivation is to set your goals. By putting your table on paper, you have a plan for exercising. An easy 30-minute ride home, during your lunch break or after work will give you plenty of exercise and help you lose weight.

(2) Plan your workouts that fit your schedule

Most people say they are too busy to exercise but that is really a break. Saying that you are too busy to exercise is like saying that you do not have time to take care of your body and If you do not take care of your body, your body will not care for you ..... ie your weight (a lot of weight), feel weak and it often hurts. These are all symptoms of neglecting your body. Only you can determine the best time to slip into a health club for a 30-minute treadmill session or simply walk. You can also plan your workouts over the weekend and add 1 additional day throughout the week.

(3) Combine a sensible diet with exercise for better motivation

The way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take. Regular exercise helps you burn more calories and combined with a good diet plan that limits your calorie intake, you will see that you are losing weight. There is no better motivation to exercise than to see the weight begin week to week and month to month.

(4) Observe regular exercises if necessary

New rhythmic changes or exercises will help you stay disciplined. Have you just started your summer workout routine? Focus on losing the first five (5) pounds. Losing weight with a small increase will increase your self-esteem and give you permission to adjust in your diet when needed.

Tired of training your strengths? Need some motivation and support? Get some friends and start a 10K walking training program. Many charities need your help and you will lose weight just by showing your support for a great cause. Join tribal or ethnic dance classes, take a water aerobics or learn to swim.


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