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Healthy Nutrition - Snacks With Less Than 175 Calories

Many of us use vending machines for our mid-afternoon snacks. Whether we are at work, at school, or at home, reaching out for a potato chips bag is easier said than done. However, providing healthy snacks is not difficult. In this article I will prepare some delicious dishes that have less than 175 calories.

  1. Half a bagel of cereal with fat-free cream cheese.

  2. Almonds on a date. Many people report satisfying sweetness by drinking almonds on a single date.

  3. Carrots stick with fat-free sour cream or fat-free clothing.

  4. Pretzel whole wheat.

  5. Bananas (with only 100 calories it's a great treat).

  6. Sweet potatoes. When burnt and cooled, it looks like delicious fruit.

  7. Low fat cheese cake (2 oz). It contains lean protein. Protein helps us feel full for hours and improves our metabolic performance.

  8. Animal crackers. They only have 12 calories!

These are just a few snacks that have less than 175 calories. There are many other options available at your local grocery store, even individually packaged packs of 100 calories. However, choosing a snack that is rich in protein or fiber (or both) is your best bet. Both compounds help us feel longer and improve our metabolic performance. So if you want to lose weight or just eat healthier, remember to choose your snack wisely. For those of us who struggle with persistent cravings, it may be wise to look at some of the best diet pills, such as natural appetite suppressing hoodia gordonii pills.


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