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What To Do When You Slip Up On The Dukan Diet

A friend comes to your home who wants to celebrate your recent success with you or share your current issues. A bottle of wine and two glasses were made quickly. You're her friend but you're on the Dukan diet, so what are you doing? There was a birthday in the office, someone bought a cake. It's sliced ​​and everyone gets a piece, including you. But you can't eat cake on the Dukan diet! You can't be rude, so what are you doing? Your child has a party, his birthday and all his friends are coming to celebrate the big day. The party was a success but now you have an explanation. Cookies and crisps tempt you, you try only one, then another and then some more. You're on the Dukan diet, what do you need to do now?

You might think of hundreds more examples of finding yourself slipping away from your diet. Should you give up hope? Are all diets ultimately destined to fail as this condition will continue? Of course not.

Digging up every now and again when you are on a diet is normal and everyone does it. I am willing to bet that almost everyone who has successfully lost weight on the Dukan diet has experienced a similar situation as described above and also skipped. It happens to all of us. However, with the Dukan diet, it occurs less frequently. Due to the lack of hunger and food cravings you will find yourself tempted to slim down much less than other low-fat diets. But circumstances beyond your control may mean that the right thing to do is to eat or drink something that is prohibited by diet. Who can, with a good conscience, refuse to share a drink with a friend in need simply because they are on a diet?

If you do the first thing you need to do is stop worrying about it. It's stressful because you eat something you shouldn't do at all. All of this will make you more likely to slip and surrender completely. The second thing to do is to recover the horse's arm. Go back to your diet and forget about the slip that happened. Remember, you should choose new eating habits and establish a good relationship with food. Freaking because you drink a glass of wine or eat a piece of birthday cake is not a healthy attitude. Keep in mind that if you let go of the worse things will happen you may need to add an extra day or two to your entire diet. Given the amount of time spent eating, some days don't have to worry


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