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The 5 Most Effective Diets This Decade - A Review

Of the thousands of diets that have been written for the last 5 years stands out as the most effective. One of them, the Weight Watchers, has been around for over 40 years, while others have been introduced recently. One of them, the 9th Legal Diet, is only one year old. Although each diet has a philosophical difference in how best to lose weight, they are all effective and have been proven safe.

Here's a summary of each diet. Each summary includes information on the general philosophy, type of food, overall spending on each diet, and the pros and cons most often associated with it. Diets are listed without a specific order. These are just the top five weight loss diets in the decade based on previous criteria.

Skinny Bitch: The diet was written by two fiery and passionate friends who proudly called them skinny bitches. Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin call Bitch, skinny, tough love guide for smart girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking great. Skinny bitch will definitely tell you right away. Your best girlfriend will tell you more cocktails.

These girls do not apologize for the attitude, wit, and language in this colorful guide to getting your butt in gear once and for all. They refer to sugar as demons, and themselves as pigs, and encourage you to get a sweet ass. They love food just like everyone else. However, they also learned how to enjoy food and enjoy eating without denying themselves and maintaining their sexy little bodies.

Diet lets you eat all the carbs you want, including bread, potatoes, pasta, cakes, cookies and muffins. Of course, nothing good is coming for free, so what's the catch? No milk. No meat. No sugars or artificial sweeteners. A little vegan sound? That's why, and Bitch Skinny is also certified by P.E.T.A.

These skinny girls do not like to feel hungry and they do not like to be deprived. And they know you're the same way. There is a lot of food when you decide to make the switch to Bitch Skinny. The basic premise is simple: being thin means being healthy. The two ideas do not depend on each other. They come straight in and show off some of the more popular diets around, maybe some of which you've been following. They say in the end, this diet program is a quick fix that will not help you get a grip on your overall health and well-being.

Bitch Skinny will teach you what foods you eat, how and why they affect your body that you do and where you have been wrong all the time. They release you from the limitation of counting calories, but tell you to start reading all those labels. Spending is on the cost of the book, Bitch Skinny. The book itself is entertaining, though hated, read. Diets are perfect for vegetarians or vegans. This book can be purchased online and through all major book sellers

South coast: If you are looking for a diet plan that has become very popular in recent years, giving your diet a dramatic change, and sharing the name of one of the world's favorite beaches, then the South Beach Diet is for you. Dr. Arthur Agatston, a cardiovascular specialist, creates this friendly contrast with other weight loss plans and offers you the chance to succeed where you may have failed.

The South Coast diet is different from that of Atkins' low-carb competitors, as it blocks saturated fat, which is linked to health problems such as heart disease and high cholesterol. It promises that cravings for sugars, sweets and other carbohydrates will be lost as you go as the diet should maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

The South Beach Diet has three separate phases where in each phase, you break away from certain foods and incorporate other Southern South Diet friendly foods. The diet promises you will lose 8-12 pounds in the first two weeks as long as you follow the guidelines.

The South Beach Diet supports a clean diet that has no sugars and trans fats. It also has thousands of satisfied customers, the latest research in the release of the 2008 South Beach Diet: Supercharged, and maintenance plan after the goal of weight loss.

The problem is the fact that many of the South Beach Diet's food products contain sugar alcohols, which can cause diarrhea and other GI problems. The best recommendation is to adhere to the diet without consuming any specially made products.

Diets have many phases. The first phase lasts for two weeks and you produce starch such as bread, pasta and rice, potatoes, fruits, milk, yogurt, honey and baked goods. Sugar is completely released. During the first phase of South Beach, you will enjoy three balanced foods and some snacks that should include lean meat and fish, eggs, low-fat cheese, fresh vegetables, nuts and nuts.

Phase two of the South Beach Diet will allow you to slowly introduce fruits, cereals and pasta. You will pick just one carbohydrate and put it in one meal daily for one week. Phase two will continue until you meet your target weight. You will begin the maintenance phase, or third, South Beach once you have reached your target weight. This is where you will practice everything you learned in phase one and two.

Cost is the price of the book, South Beach, which is available online as well as all major bookstores. There is also a full line of South Beach Diet foods that can be purchased at your grocery store from whole grains to frozen foods. But many nutrition bars and snack items contain artificial sweeteners, which have been known to cause gastrointestinal problems.

The 9th Law Diet: This is a relatively new diet that has spread throughout the country due to its simplicity and overall effectiveness. The 9th Law Diet was created by a physiology professor from St. Louis. He is well known on the web as Professor Jay, but the real name is Jay Snaric.

The diet was officially made after a Jays professor student lost more than 90 pounds following his weight loss guidelines. The student convinced the professor to get it in the hands of the people who really needed it. Professor Jay created a website where he feeds for free, and offers ongoing email support. The rest is history, as the 9th Legal Diet has hit nationwide and worldwide in record time. Thousands of people have lost weight and have changed their lives 9th Law Diet.

The 9th Law Diet emphasize the deduction of what he calls negative carbs and fats, and include more carbs and positive fats. Emphasis on fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy heart fat is a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids Support for this diet comes from science provided by Harvard Medical School and medical experts the rest of the science community. Professor Jay Snaric himself studied physiology, nutrition, and human health at New York University, South Carolina Medical University, and the University of Southern Illinois.

The 9th Law Diet not only promotes diet, but changes in lifestyle and overall lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, you can get the 9th Legal Diet for free at Cost is zero. At least this diet is worth reading, and subscribing to Professor Jays's mailing list is well worth your time. It is no coincidence that this diet has grown in popularity so fast.

Jillian Michaels, The Biggest Loser: Background to most losing fitness guru Jillian Michaels, known for her difficult approach to losing weight on NBCs The Largest Loser, has written a guide on how to lose the last 10 or 15 pounds in 30 days. Cutting: The 30-Day Diet and Fitness Plan for the Strongest, Most Sexy You set yourself apart from a variety of fitness and weight loss books at your local bookstore because the Michaels program uses the oxidation process as a way to determine the type of metabolism your body has to lower weight loss effectively.

Michaels takes you through the steps to determine your type of oxidizer: slow, balanced or fast. Your new body classification then determines what you will eat supported by Jillian's own menu and recipes. She promises you will feel comfortable in the bikini if ​​you are committed to fitness and her dietary regimen. As part of Making the Cut, you must take a body fat percentage test and "fit test" before starting the program as a measure to evaluate your own pre and post.

Michaels does not estimate the power of mind in the battle to lose weight. She includes helpful tips and advice on self-improvement and self-confidence. The book is also full of exercises to increase strength, flexibility and endurance. Michaels also introduces some celebrity celebrity food secrets to get your body in before the big event.

Diets are cheap and personalized. The program focuses on the mental aspects of losing weight in addition to the exercise and nutrition components - Jillian Michaels is a popular weight loss coach with nearly 20 years of experience

Michaels provides a list of recipes and menus for each of the three oxidation classifications. As part of your commitment to the Cutting program, you should adhere to its menu and calorie plan. During the Cut, you will take the appropriate tests outlined in the book. These tests determine your level of fitness and you are required to run about 5 hours per week. Michaels provides you with a variety of exercises to do. He also has his own DVD training line which can be purchased at an additional cost to the book.

It costs $ 14.95 for the book. Many online book sellers sell new and used books for discounted prices.

Michaels lacks the knowledge and skills of the training to deny when it comes to form and lose weight. The 30-day promise, like the same promise, is no guarantee but it packs a diet, exercise and mental awareness approach to help you lose weight. The clinical science behind the theory of oxidation is small but his belief that the road to weight loss is a personal journey that begins with changes in behavior, lifestyle and self-motivation is an important component that many diet plans do not consider.

Weight Watchers: It has been more than 40 years since Weight Watchers came to the scene and started helping people live healthier lives. Weight Watchers helps members form the foundation to introduce healthier choices and physical activity into their lives.

The original Weight Watcher Plan invited members to weekly meetings where they held group sessions, helping marketers build a support network with people sharing similar experiences. Upon arrival, everyone checks their weight in person. Meetings are conducted by trained Meeting Leaders who motivate and offer group support through nutrition and fitness information.

Members are also welcome to join the online Weight Watchers community. From the comfort of their home, members can form virtual support groups, monitor progress and access hundreds of approved recipes, such as Blue Muffins Cheese, Sweet and Sour Pork, Grilled Meat Fajitas and even treat like Mint Brownies. While it's not easy to prepare home-cooked meals, they offer a variety of frozen foods and complimentary menu items at Applebees.

Weight Watchers have become popular by the eye system called Flex Plan. Points are assigned to each food on a comprehensive list of over 27,000 foods. The Flex Plan lets you eat the food you love. Just stay within your daily points and you can still enjoy fried chicken and Pepsi Diet. It is an easy-to-follow plan, offers great flexibility and has proven successful for over 40 years. Read the full explanation of how Weight Watchers work, or use our free Weight Loss Calculator.

Weight Watchers emphasizes eating more healthy foods through its Core Plan. The members do not count, they only choose a balanced combination of cereals, lean meats, fruits and vegetables, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy. Whether you choose Flex Points or Core Plans, you can find hundreds of delicious, satisfying and good weight pickers for you here at Diet In Review. Weight Watchers Online assists its members with 60 training demonstrations. There are fitness suggestions for all skill levels. Just $ 5 a week with their 3 month plan. Weight Watchers is a trusted diet company with 40+ years of experience - Programs tailored to men, women and all adults - Flex Points or Core Plan programs - Choose one-on-one counseling or online programs to keep their name up and running - Comprehensive membership website - Provides training guides - Thousands of recipes and foods to choose from - Partnerships with Applebee to make eating healthier. Counting the eyes can be time consuming - Web membership declines from the traditional social aspect of Weight Loss encounters

Weight Watchers is a tried and true veteran of the weight loss industry. With a variety of methods to choose from for men and women, you can almost certainly find the right path for your weight loss journey. Weight Watchers provide support for every aspect of weight loss - so you are never left without information or support. Food is one of the major concerns of any Dieter and Weight Watcher running above and beyond most other weight loss programs with thousands of recipes that anyone, dieting or not, will find attractive and delicious. If their style appeals to you, go for it.

Overall, all these diets have proven to be very successful for many people, and have changed many lives. The key is to find the food that works best for you. Obesity increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Obesity is an epidemic. We need more diets like this to help people get their health back.


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