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The Number 1 American Bull Dog Health Problem

American Bull dogs live long and happy lives when provided with proper care, including diet, vaccination, exercise and makeup. American Bull dog health problems usually come from improper health care. Common cardiovascular problems and common problems do not affect these small dogs because they are larger dogs. Some studies show that larger dogs have more growth hormone than smaller ones, which is believed to shorten their lifespan.

The number one health problem for this dog is diet. A second step in the care of the American Bull dog is the vaccine needed to stay healthy. Because these little dogs need less training, the diet should reflect the need for less food than a dog with many training needs.

Eat your American Bulldog

Some believe that dogs can eat the same foods as we do; this can lead to improper nutrition provided by dog ​​food. Because dog food has the nutrients and vitamins needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to check the ingredients before feeding your dog. Because the dog's digestive system has less problems digesting raw food than cooked food, dog food contains additives that attract the dog's attention.

The problem with American Bull dog food is that it includes foods like oats, cheese, eggs and fresh meats like poultry and beef. It is unbelievable that they also like fruits and vegetables, but they prefer unhealthy foods, but eat prepared foods, like any dog. Is the food we eat safe or not for American Bull dogs? This question has many views from many different veterinarians and breeders. The choice is yours when taking care of your dog.

Vaccination, Number 2 American Bull Dog Health Problem

Keeping your Bulldog up to date on vaccination is important to their health and maintaining a healthy life without illness and even death. Viral infections affect dogs that do not receive vaccination against infectious diseases. Vaccines protect dogs from rabies, rabies and parvoviruses. In most countries, dogs will also receive heartworm pills to prevent heart attacks.

Before heartworm treatment begins, dogs are checked to make sure they have no health problems. If a dog is in contact with a heartbeat, preventative treatment can kill the dog, so a test by a veterinarian will determine the dog's status. Don't take heartworm vaccination and treatment into your own hands, your veterinarian is more qualified than you to diagnose and treat the American Bulldog.

You have beautiful dogs that depend on your care and your love for survival, the health problems of Bull American dogs need not be a problem when you take the time to learn about the care and makeup of these dogs. Always remember proper nutrition and exercise along with vaccination to keep your precious Bulldog healthy and happy.


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